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Harrison – So Much More Than Hot Springs

Harrison – So Much More Than Hot Springs

photo credits: Kristy Hill

A Weekend with the Family

Without the budget for a week in Mexico or Disney Land, it’s been a Staycation summer for my family this year. Luckily for us, the Vancouver area is filled with great locations for families to visit and have a wonderful time. But it’s nice to get away from home all the same. So we packed the van, excited to spend the day in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs at the historic resort and spa. Our departure corresponded with nap time – this was not a coincidence.

I Love When it’s Quiet

Just an hour and a half outside of Vancouver you will find the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, nestled beside beautiful Harrison Lake. The quaint and quiet atmosphere is so calming and serene. This isn’t a party town, this is a leisure town. But, as busy parents, isn’t that all we want – just one or two days of relaxation? You will be relaxed in Harrison, and have a little adventure as well.

Family-Friendly Resort

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa is beautiful and has great amenities. The rooms are spacious and clean, and if you pick the right one, equipped with stunning views of Harrison Lake. And the food — oh, the food! To me, what makes or breaks a great family getaway is the food. The resort well surpassed my expectations with buffet-style breakfasts and dinners. Great options, great tasting, and even a children’s section filled with finger-food favourites and macaroni and cheese.

Warm, Mineral Hot Springs

The hot springs were lovely. There are five mineral pools ranging from child-friendly and adults only to indoor and hot tub styles. We splashed and waded outdoors in the wonderfully warm water with the mountains as our backdrop. We could even bring our drink into the pool. It was our honeymoon all over again – plus one child, stretch marks and a full-piece bathing suit.

On the Shores of Harrison Lake

The next day, we were ready for some adventure-filled fun, and we got it! There is a lot to do in the village just outside the resort. Behind the resort along the bottom of the mountain there’s a series of nature trails. Out front is a dock with one-person bumper boats (so much fun!!), and two blocks away are quadricycles. Secured in front, my son had a blast honking the horn every two seconds. And if you managed to leave the rain behind in Vancouver, the beach is beautiful and equipped with the perfect sand for your child’s sandcastle creations.

See Also

It was a relaxing and fun weekend and I know we’ll stay there again. Next time, we’ll bring the sunshine. For more information on Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, visit For more information on the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, visit

Kristy Hill, of TwellMedia, is a freelance writer and graphic designer working out of her home office in the Lower Mainland, with a happy, enthusiastic little boy by her side.

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