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Connection: Celebrating the Mother-Child Bond

Connection: Celebrating the Mother-Child Bond

Article by Amy Lee, sharing her tips for creating and celebrating connection.

Sometimes I feel I might have been a little bit crazy to go where nobody have gone before. I decided to create a niche within my industry and specialize in mother-daughter, mother-son photography. Committing to this was a scary decision. As far as I know, nobody is doing this. I had to pave the road myself and look within myself to find answers. I had to follow what started as a little whisper and allow my heart to guide me.

Why? Because I think the connection between a mother and each of her children is amazing. I believe these beautiful stories need to be told. I think it is amazing that one little smile can erase the bad day we’ve had and fill our hearts with joy. I think it’s incredible that one hug from the person we’ve created can make nothing else matter.

A Mother’s Love

I think a mother’s love is amazing. We’ll give up that last spoonful of ice cream because we know it’ll make our child happy. We’ll give up a few hours of sleep to research healthy meals for our picky eaters. We’ll gladly give up our jackets when we know our child is cold. Our ability to give up our comfort and make sacrifices for the people we love is amazing. This is why I followed my heart and created this niche. A mother’s love is worth celebrating. The connection between a mother and each of her children is worth celebrating.

I’m so glad I made this risky decision because I’m already seeing the impact it has for the mothers and children I’ve worked with. Like the mother who had a bad day at work came home and saw a portrait of her and her son hugging and laughing. The portrait also contains a quote she wrote for her son that says, “You brighten my day with your giggles, cuddles and picking dandelions for me.” Seeing the laughter on her son’s face made her bad day disappear. It reminded her what she is working so hard for and that it is worthwhile.

Creating Tangible Expressions of Connection

Then there’s the daughter who is stressed out with exams who saw the portrait where in that moment, her mother told her how proud she is of her accomplishments. The portrait also has a quote her mother wrote her that says, “You continually make us proud and we are in awe of what an amazing person you are, not just now but all your life.” Being reminded of that, she knows she can overcome her challenges because she knows her mother believes in her.

I’m a photographer, but I don’t give my clients pictures and I don’t create memories. I create tangible expressions of love because that is what children need to grow. We mothers are so busy that sometimes we forget what is most important and these tangible expressions of our love will remind us what matters most.

The Connection We Share Amy Lee

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A Little Sweeter

Even with just the two stories above, I already know all my efforts have paid off. By following my heart and taking on the risks, I have made my clients’ lives a little easier, a little sweeter.

Let me suggest something you can do really quickly to sweeten up your child’s day. Write down five things you love about each of your children. Tonight when you tuck them into bed, tell them what you love about them. Or perhaps you could write these five things on a sticky note and include it in their lunch box. Creating tangible expressions of your love doesn’t need to take a lot of time – it just needs to come from your heart.

If you have an hour, you can go a little further. I created a letter writing guide to help you write letters your children will cherish for a lifetime. Look for it on my website.

Amy Lee is the owner of The Connection We Share, a photography studio that combines written letters and photography to help mothers create legacies of love. She celebrates mother-child relationships and creates tangible expressions of love for mothers with children of all ages. She’s also one of our fabulous Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers for 2012.

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