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A Winter Staycation near UBC

A Winter Staycation near UBC

If you’re like me and a trip to a beach resort is not on the agenda this winter, its time to bundle up your family and take a local staycation day trip. Sun, sand and surf it is not, but it will certainly be more budget-friendly than an all-inclusive. Here are my picks for a day out near UBC in Vancouver.

UBC winter staycationTake a Hike: UBC Endowment Lands

One of my favourite spots for walking with my family in any season of the year is the Endowment Lands at UBC. With plenty of walking trails and a constantly evolving natural environment, it’s never the same walk twice.  The paths are, for the most part, flat, which makes it easy for walkers of all fitness levels and abilities, young and old.

Most paths are wide enough to easily accommodate a jogging stroller, but there are lots of roots and bumps, so keep the umbrella stroller in the car. You’ll need something rugged for this outing. Explore and observe the trees, leaves and nature with your kids and create some fabulous winter memories. Map signs are located at several locations. If your sense of direction is not as strong as your sense of style, take a picture of the map with your phone so you can find your way back without a trail of breadcrumbs.

Don’t Forget PlaytimeUBC winter staycation

I realize that not every kid is huge on nature walks. If your child is more into the playground scene, check out Khorana Park on Berton Avenue (just off the UBC campus) after your walk. This recently established park has a great set of equipment, though much to my daughter’s disappointment, it is sadly lacking in the slide department.

[Editor’s note: During the winter this might not be the worst thing, as slides often lead to wet bottoms. So many kids forget to check before they slide!]

Hot Chocolate

UBC winter staycationEven if you’ve been lucky with a clear sunny day for your walk and playground experience, your group will likely have a collection of cold noses, fingers and toes by the end of the trip. Stop by the Blenz Coffee. A block away from the playground on Westbrook Mall in the new Westbrook Village at UBC, it’s a great place to warm up with some hot chocolate. With lots of comfortable seating and a cozy fireplace, the feeling will come back to your extremities in no time.

Where do you head for some winter fun on the West Side?

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