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Museum Mambo

Museum Mambo

Looking for a culture hit? Spark your kids’ brains at these family-friendly museums.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum

Tour the St. Roch, and discover what what life was like on the ship in 1944. Dress like pirates, have some imaginative play or for those interested in model ship building, there’s plenty to see.
1905 Ogden Ave, Vancouver (604) 257-8300

H.R. MacMillian Space Centre

Family fun activities include birthday parties, Saturn 5 Saturdays and learn about space and the night sky at the Planetarium shows, live demos and in the interactive exhibit gallery.
1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver (604) 736-4431

police_museumThe Police Museum

Suited for kids ages 5 and up is North America’s oldest police museum. Learn about the history of crime and law enforcement in Vancouver on a self guided tour, host a birthday party, watch movies in the morgue and more!
240 E Cordova St, Vancouver (604) 665-3346

GMS Observatory

Located next to the H.R. MacMillian Space Centre this is the place for star gazers. Look through the telescope to explore Vancouver skies and imagine life on other planets.
1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver (604) 736-4431

The Museum of Vancouver

Suited for kids 5 and up, self guided weekend scavenger hunts, learn digital animation techniques or experience an archaeological dig pit.
1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver (604) 736-4431

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Image credits: Vancouver Museum & The Police Museum 

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