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Meet the Princess Monsters

Meet the Princess Monsters

For any girl who has ever felt like she does not fit in, artist, author and 2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Joyelle Brandt has written a fun and meaningful book about the beauty of our individuality. Princess Monsters from A to Z is a charming collection of lovable characters, from wrestling champion Elian, to troublemaker Mayzee, to the cat juggling Zibbo. I recently had the chance to get my eyes on the proof when I got together with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks, and I was enchanted.

There is so Much More to Be

princess monsters book joyelle brandtJoyelle shares why she wrote the book, saying, “I always felt like an outsider growing up because I didn’t think I fit into the typical model of beauty. I want girls to read this book and see themselves in it, and know that there is so much more to be than just pretty.” Any mother of a daughter can relate to that. I think this isn’t just for girls, though – our sons can also benefit from learning to look beyond the surface in themselves and others. For that matter, moms can learn something, too.

The Princess Monsters have a diverse range of interests, from art to science to dispute mediation. Each character’s description is written in rhyming verse, making the book an entertaining read-aloud bedtime story. But the best part of the book is the empty picture frame on the first page, a space left for its readers to create their own princess monster or monsters. Joyelle explains, “I want to inspire girls to imagine whatever kind of life they want for themselves. And maybe that starts with imagining what her Princess Monster self might look like.”

Sing Along With the Princess Monsters

Joyelle is also a singer and songwriter, so as a special bonus the book also comes with a song titled “Monster in Me”. Parents can download an MP3 of the song after they purchase the book to sing along with.

The book will be released on September 20, 2014. Pre-sales are already happening now. To find out more and see sample pages visit, and discover the unconventional beauty of the Princess Monsters.

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