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Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

We’ve all seen them—the mother of twins pushing that double jogging stroller up the hill, her calf muscles bulging. Or a dad setting personal records as he zooms around the lake, one hand looped through the stroller’s wrist strap and the other steering deftly. Maybe you’re in awe of those parents. Or maybe you’re one of them. Either way, even if you don’t plan to jog with your baby, a jogging stroller can be an excellent choice. Jogging strollers are more rugged and offer better shock absorption than other strollers. For running, they’re indispensable — a standard stroller just isn’t the same. If you’re thinking of purchasing a jogging stroller, here are a few key points to consider.

The Wheel Deal

A running stroller usually has three wheels—one in front and two in back. This front wheel is either a fixed wheel or a swiveling wheel. For parents who plan to use the stroller exclusively for running, a fixed wheel will do the trick. However, swivel wheels offer greater maneuverability. For those seeking the best of both worlds, some strollers allow a swivel wheel to be locked into a fixed position. When choosing a wheel type, think about how you will actually use the stroller. Running a few miles on a mostly straight bike path? A fixed wheel will serve you well. Navigating neighborhood sidewalks or shopping areas? You’ll probably want a swivel wheel. If one parent likes to run and the other prefers to stroll to the nearest coffee shop, a lockable swivel wheel is the way to go.

A Basket, Just in Case

It’s always handy to have a basket underneath. Use it to carry extra diapers, toys, or snacks—or to ditch those extra layers when the sun comes out during your morning run.

Sleeping Like a Baby…Or Not

Many jogging strollers offer a reclining seat option, making it easy for Baby to snooze along the way. Tilt the seat up, and Baby can enjoy the breeze on her face, point excitedly at nearby dogs, and liberate her favorite toy, which you will then have to retrace your steps to find, thereby lengthening your run and increasing your fitness level.

Ready to Collapse?

Not from running, we hope. Choose a jogging stroller that collapses if you plan to take it on a plane or in the trunk of your car.


Extras like a water bottle holder, a snack tray, a car seat adapter, a rain cover, or a sunshade can make your life a lot easier. However, most are probably not included with your stroller purchase. Think carefully about which of these accessories you will actually use, and factor that into your purchasing decision. For instance, it might seem like a good idea to get a rain cover, but if you are a fair-weather runner it won’t be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you run seven days a week, you’ll want a rain cover, a sunshade, and perhaps a stroller speedometer.

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Note that each stroller has specific age and weight limitations for use; babies need to have good head control in order to be safe in a jogger. Using a jogging stroller too early could cause serious injury. Always read and follow all manufacturer instructions. It’s also a good idea to discuss your plans with your pediatrician before you take your little one for a run.

*Featured image credit – Serge Melki on Flickr

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  • Very brief yet supremely understandable! I love all your points and I would just like to add in the safety or accessories feature that one should choose a jogging stroller with reflectors. It’s one simple feat and most of the time unnoticed but it makes a lot of sense when it comes to safety on outdoor activities. 🙂 Thanks for a great post! 🙂

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