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Double Stroller Buying Guide

Double Stroller Buying Guide

If you’re lucky enough to have two little reasons for buying a double baby stroller, congratulations! Whether you’re looking for a double stroller for twins or a tandem stroller for your toddler and new baby, the choices can seem overwhelming. If you’re used to pushing a single stroller, yes, a double will seem heavier—all the more reason to choose wisely. Here’s how to find the perfect double stroller for your growing family.

The Two Step

Every parent wants a stroller that pushes easily. With two kids to consider, it becomes even more important; the less you have to worry about, the better. After all, if your double stroller makes it a pain to go on neighbourhood walks or shopping trips, what good is it?

Look for a double stroller that is actually narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway; this will make your life substantially easier. Otherwise, you may find that your double stroller limits the number of places you can go. Tandem strollers fit well through doorways, although their length can make them harder to steer. There are also several side-by-side models that fit the bill.

The Weighting Game

Your best bets are double strollers that are reasonably lightweight with good suspension and smooth turning; these characteristics will keep everybody happy. But double strollers are inherently heavier than singles; plus, some tandem strollers have different weight limits depending on whether it’s the front or back seat. If your children are a few months old and you’re choosing a double stroller, you may want to take a look at their growth chart curves when you’re picking a stroller, especially if you are considering one with a lower weight limit. If you are choosing a side-by-side stroller for children of different sizes, look carefully at reviews to see if this will result in a steering problem due to weight imbalance.

As one might suspect, high-end strollers tend to offer the most carrying capacity for the least weight. That said, a light, easily steered stroller can really cut down on frustration; it might be the best baby-gear splurge you’ll make.

Dual Dueling

Of course, both tandem strollers and side-by-sides pose potential issues depending on your children’s ages and temperaments. At eight months, babies like to explore. Each other’s faces. With their poky little fingers. At two, possessiveness kicks in. That toy? I want it. Now. A side-by-side stroller makes it easier for kids to invade each other’s space. On the other hand, a side-by-side also makes it easier for them to keep each other amused. A tandem poses its own sibling rivalry hazard; the rear passenger may not be able to see as much. Some tandems offer both a rear and forward facing option so that a younger child can face the parent while the older child faces outward. Another solution is a stroller that has a platform on the back or a small seat for a toddler who gets tired of walking; some manufacturers also offer add-on platforms or seats.

Options, Options

Many twin strollers offer options like individually reclining seats and individually adjustable sun canopies. With some tandem strollers, only one seat reclines at a time; this is more suitable for a toddler and infant than for twins.

Double strollers are available in the same styles as other strollers: standard strollers, simple carseat frames, travel systems, joggers, and lightweight umbrella strollers. Bear in mind that some types of strollers (like joggers) are not suitable for newborns. Others may work for a newborn with a carseat adapter. As always, read manufacturer instructions and check compatibility requirements.

Still Need More Info?

Download’s Stroller Guide for First Time Parents, which give you some great tips and info on what to consider when making your next stroller purchase.

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