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Maclaren Strollers: An Overview

Maclaren Strollers: An Overview

Maclaren strollers are the brand of choice for parents who value daily practicality combined with a timeless sense of style. An aeronautical designer, Owen Maclaren designed the original Maclaren umbrella stroller in 1967 and its sleekly engineered lineage is evident in every new model. Maclaren strollers are designed to be both lightweight and durable, made with high-performance aluminum and washable, removable seats. Each buggy collapses conveniently into a compact, portable “umbrella” fold, making it the perfect choice for parents on the go.

The thoughtful simplicity of Maclaren strollers makes travel easy for parents, whether it’s an extended vacation or merely a journey to the local shopping district. If you’re looking for a classic that offers unmatched ease of use, Maclaren fits the bill, from the simple Volo to the fully loaded MX3.

Maclaren Strollers: The Models

Available models include:

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Where to buy Maclaren Strollers in Vancouver

Maclaren strollers are available at the following Vancouver retailers:

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