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Fidget Spinners: What’s the deal, and where do I get one in Vancouver?

Fidget Spinners: What’s the deal, and where do I get one in Vancouver?

[Updated: May 16, 2017]
If you have a child  between 5 and 14, chances are high, they are in the throes of a fidget spinning obsession (see ya later bottle flipping!) which may be driving you crazy. Worse, they may not have one yet, and their begging and pleading may be driving you crazy.  We show you what they are and where to get them!

So what is a fidget spinner?

In a nutshell, the fidget spinner is a toy designed to help kids with attention difficulties  (often Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD) stay focused by occupying their hands. In fact, teachers keep them in the classroom along with other fidget toys for this express purpose.

Fidget frenzy

Someone noticed how fun the toy was in and of itself, and suddenly spinners were flying off the shelves causing sell-outs all over town, a veritable fidget frenzy. In fact, the Dollar Store on Como Lake Road in Coquitlam sold 5,000 in the last month!

Check out these fidget tricks!

So where can I get one?

Well this really is the $64,000 question, and a moving target at best! My son and I checked all the dollar stores on Fraser Street with no luck until we were told of a dollar store in Coquitlam, but that was too far. Finally, we heard that Buck or 2 at Metrotown has some. We high-tailed it over there (with an order from 3 friends as well) only to find out they were sold out but getting a new lot on Wednesday.  So, we pre-ordered and pre-paid, and went out for ice cream (with gummy bears natch). Prices range from $7-$10 at dollar stores that stock them, and from $20-$35 at toy stores. Pro-tip: Call first!

Where to go to get a Fidget Spinner in Metro Vancouver

Buck or Two
Metrotown Mall
Price: $6.95


Price: 2 for $10 or $6.95/ea

Central City Mall in Surrey & Capilano Mall in North Vancouver

The Dollar Store, New West
across New Westminster skytrain station
Price: $8-10
May 10: New stock! (glow in the dark, neon, standard)

Toys Planet, Crystal Mall
Price: $8.99

4500 Kingsway, Burnaby
604. 431-8011

Odin Books
Price: $9.95
1110 West Broadway, Vancouver

Como Lake Dollar Store, Coquitlam
Price: $10 

960 Como Lake Ave, Coquitlam

Village Toy Store in Port Moody
Price: $10.99
262 Newport Dr, Port Moody
Price: All spinners $12
Free shipping in Canada

Price: $12 -$30
(new shipment and lower price)
2933 W Broadway, Vancouver

Mind Games
Price: $19.99 (on back order)
Metrotown Mall & Coquitlam Centre
604.438-7529 / 604. 552-7246

Lonsdale Quay
Price:1 for $25 or 2 for $40 or 3 for $50
$40 for the metal/aluminium ones
23 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver

Showcase Stores
Price: $20-35
Most malls

Amazon/Ebay – online
$3 – $20 + shipping
Long wait times for delivery

Photo credits: CNN & Shutterstock

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  • hi and how are you? i sell Fidget Spinners too at 12374 72a Avenue, Surrey B.C.. please add my company name to all the other businesses who sells this toy too.

  • I heard from a friend who knows someone working at the dollar store outside new Westminster skytrain station that they have the fidget spinners on sale for 2 for $10.

  • The dollar store close to London Drugs in North Delta (Scott Road & 72nd Avenue) carries lots of them. Regular ones are $4, batman ones are $8, and glow in the dark.

  • Available at tha bong shop 3641 kingsway and 2921 cambie location all colours in stock get a discount with canned goods donation for the food bank

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