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Vancouver Mom to Follow: Megan Williams of The Self Publishing Agency

Vancouver Mom to Follow: Megan Williams of The Self Publishing Agency

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Your little one snuggles a little bit closer to you. Their eyes peer up and a hopeful smirk appears, “Just one more book!” Stories connect us at all ages. The magic of books is powerful allowing us to imagine, discover and guide. Whether you have always dreamed of seeing your own words dance across the pages of a book, or are a lover of a good read, you will want to follow along with this week’s Vancouver Mom to Follow: Megan Williams, Founder of The Self Publishing Agency.

A North Shore resident and mom of two (newborn, Eva, and 14 year old step daughter, Madison), Megan is fulfilling dreams by turning writers into published authors. She started The Self Publishing Agency Inc. after publishing a book and two children’s books with her step-daughter.

“I had come across a few self-publishing businesses that were very 3-star all-inclusive feeling, but there wasn’t an agency that was offering that Four Seasons-like experience; where a team was qualified to produce quality and professional work while ensuring the experience suited each author individually. So, what do we do when we want something that doesn’t exist? We build it ourselves!”  

A wife, mother, business owner and occasional elite runner – you might wonder, what makes her tick? The same thing that made her decide not to take a maternity leave from her business, why her favourite thing to do on a summer weekend is to watch their girl play in U15 Softball Provincials, and why she can spend long moments watching her baby reach for her pink flamingo. Megan is happiest when people around her feel proud of themselves.

Megan’s Favourite Places

Photo credit: Megan Williams

The West Vancouver Seawall & John Lawson Park

For kids – there is water, the park, the beach and the sand. For adults, you feel like you’re on vacation, no matter the season.

17th St, West Vancouver, BC

Photo credit: Megan Williams

When on a weekend getaway in Whistler: Moguls Coffee or Zogs Dogs

These places are as much a Whistler staple for a family as Buffalo Bills is for a bachelorette.
If you go to Whistler and don’t go to Moguls for their handcrafted coffee, or gravy drenched poutine at Zogs – were you even in Whistler?

Moguls: 4208 Village Square #202, Whistler, BC

Zogs Dogs: 4340 Sundial Crescent, Whistler, BC 

Photo credit: AnnaLena Facebook


To celebrate, we love Ana Lena for dinner. I hesitated to share this so publicly as I don’t want it to be even harder to get a reservation. However, it’s great and great is worth sharing! Get the bread and the foie gras oysters – as our 14-year-old says, “They taste like a lullaby.”

1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC

A Community Resource Worth Knowing

It takes a village. And, sometimes that village is online.

Megan’s recommended resource to check out:

Parenting in a Tech World Facebook Group

This group will get you in the know. Whatever apps your kids are using, gestures you’ve seen and don’t know what they mean…Ask the group of 15k+ parents and you’ll have your answer!

Photo credit: Megan Williams

Why follow along @TheSelfPublishingAgency

If you have ever considered writing a book or publishing your story, we have authors as young as 12 years old and as seasoned as NYT Bestselling Authors to be inspired and encouraged by! 

Megan’s words of wisdom on motherhood

The only rules of motherhood that should apply to you, are the ones that work for you. Otherwise – you know your kids better than Google does. Trust that.”

Personal Instagram: @MeganDubs

Business Instagram: @TheSelfPublishingAgency 

Would you like to be a Vancouver Mom to Follow? Email [email protected]

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