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Vancouver Mom to Follow: Kelly Wren of The Fold Project

Vancouver Mom to Follow: Kelly Wren of The Fold Project

This week’s Vancouver Mom to Follow is Kelly Wren, an educator, environmentalist and entrepreneur who is developing an app called Fold. The Fold Project is a second-hand, small-scale P2P fashion marketplace for men, women and children.

She is single mom to a 6-year-old boy who is obsessed with the ocean, sea creatures and anything that crawls anywhere. He also loves plants and literally stops to smell the flowers. He wants to be a “scientist of the ocean” and he once professed to his mom that he loves nature, planet earth and mother nature.


Some of Kelly’s favourite places to go in Vancouver

Here are Kelly and William’s top secret and not-so-secret spots around the city to find crabs, seastars, slugs, ladybugs, rolypolies, spiders, snails and other mollusks.

Low tide north-east side of the Vancouver Rowing Club, Stanley Park

This is the best spot in the city to investigate crabs and seastars. There are always plenty around. Not to mention the beautiful view of the marina and Coal Harbour.

Nitobe Memorial Garden UBC

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This is one of the most beautiful places in Vancouver. We like to go to visit with the Koi and “lure them in quietly” to get a better look. William also loves to look for snails, roly polies, spiders and slugs here. One major benefit is that the garden is covered in a blanket of thick soft moss that is great for sitting, petting and getting a closer look. Did you know there are 1000 moss species in Canada and close to 700 of these are in BC? I do now.

New Brighton Park

New Brighton Park offers the best chance of finding a seastar in the city. We’ve found them at both beaches there. There are also lots of green shore crabs to be found under any of the bigger rocks by the inlet.

Kits Beach, north side

The north side of kits beach and it’s tidal pools offers hours of entertainment for William. There are always live oysters, pacific blue mussels, live whelks and, of course, lots of green shore crabs.

Davie Village Community Garden

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Great place to find ladybugs and snails. Any community garden will do, but this one is special to us. We are always careful to leave all creatures where we find them.

Stanley Park Ecology Society  Summer Camp

William is looking forward to this summer camp where he will learn how to identify native plants, trees and animals of Stanley Park.

Van Dusen Garden

We can spend hours here wandering along the paths looking for bugs, snails and spiders. William loves the beautiful flowers and trees here too. Their annual easter egg hunt is an absolute must!

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