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Pro tips: Four ways to get your kids to wear masks

Pro tips: Four ways to get your kids to wear masks

Now that masks are becoming a wardrobe staple, the matter of how to get kids to wear them and keep wearing them is top of mind. Here are some tips on how to get kids excited and committed to wearing their masks.

  1. Practice. Have kids wear masks at home, while playing or watching TV. This will help them become comfortable with the mask on their face while in a familiar environment.
  2. Fit. Ensure the mask covers kid’s nose and mouth properly and isn’t too tight around the ears. A breathable fabric will be most comfortable.
  3. Style. Allow kids to choose the colour or design of their mask. Getting them involved in the selection process will get them more excited to wear it.
  4. Explain. Talk kids through why wearing a mask is important. Involving them in the decision to stay safe and explaining the function of the mask increases the chances of it staying on.

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