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Kids Market in Granville Island, a boutique shopping centre with over 25 shops, services and activities for children and their families. Find every toy imaginable … whether you are looking for games, magic, books, party supplies, cards, sports collectables, kites, puzzles, dance wear, costumes, children’s clothing and shoes and so much more!  Discover natural rocks…

Located at the entrance to Granville Island, Kids Only Market has been there since I was a kid, and it still rules. The train set at Knotty Toys is a popular spot for my boys. We also found a secret rock garden in the Crystal Ark right behind the market next to the Duck Pond.

Just mention Granville Island’s Kids Market and for many Vancouverites, childhood memories come flooding back! Fast forward 25 years, and now those same children are bringing their own children to Kids Market to explore, play, walk through the “kids entrance” door and find the latest and greatest in everything geared toward kids.

News flash. It’s Spring Break in two weeks. If you’d like to spend some time exploring, there are lots of great family and kid activities and events around Vancouver. Some are free, many are cheap and all are worth the price of admission. Think wild rides, beaching, learning, swimming, crafting, hiking, live performances and even bird-watching….

This week’s VM Mom to Follow is Luna Cheng. She lives in Vancouver with her husband, Ayo, and their 3-year-old daughter Sophia. By day, she works as an actuarial associate at a consulting firm. Along with her business partner, Kate Issac, she is the co-creator of BoredBox a new kids’ toy that’s designed to provide…