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Once you have kids, you’re not up all night partying – but you may still be up all night. If you find yourself wandering the halls with a cranky baby at 2:00 am, or if a pregnancy craving hits and you need a bagel right now, you may want to hit a restaurant or cafe that’s open all night long.
Where to Eat in Vancouver 24/7

So maybe you aren’t that into Valentine’s Day or maybe you are. Either way, nothing set hearts flutter quite like a bottle of bubbly. Let’s face it, we’ll take any excuse to pop a cork (or two). And there’s no reason to head to Champagne or the France aisle to get your bubble on, BC, has 40 wineries in the Okanagan that make palate-pleasing sparkling wine.

Chocolate Love

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, and really, who are we to argue? Sweet, sinful, decadent, feel-good bites of happiness. If you want to try some delicious and unique cocoa treats, we got our five top picks.

The kids are sound asleep, you are getting ready to curl up and watch a good movie, you have an olive and cheese plate ready, and are going to pour yourself a soothing, tasty glass of vino. Either way, sounds great. All you have to do is make sure to grab the perfect bottle of wine for the occasion.

Vancouver’s best smoothie spots

TGFS: Thank Goodness For Smoothies!It’s the New Year and health is all the rage. Let’s face it, we’ve all felt the frustration of trying to get our kids to eat more “good stuff.” We’ve pleaded, we’ve begged, we’ve bribed. We even resorted to grating up mushrooms to hide them in lasagna.

My husband and I are huge Vietnamese food fans. We don’t like the restaurants too fancy and generally prefer hidden neighbourhood gems. Hasting-Sunrise’s Bau Chau Vietnamese hits the mark on all counts – and is a great option for young families like ours.

If your baby or toddler would rather wear their spaghetti as a toupee, know that you are not alone.  Family dinners can be a production to say the least, especially when you throw picky eating into the mix. Here are a few tips to avoid a dinnertime disaster. Creative presentation Kids eat with their eyes…