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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: My Real Review, Cleavage, Finding My Weigh, Wave The Stick

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: My Real Review, Cleavage, Finding My Weigh, Wave The Stick

This week, we’ll introduce you to the remaining moms who made our Ultimate Vancouver Mom Bloggers list. Today we’d like you to meet:

  • Nicole Christen, My Real Review
  • Kelly Diels, Cleavage
  • Gillian Behnke, Finding My Weigh
  • Alexis Hinde, Wave The Stick

Don’t forget to root for your favourites in the comments below!

My Real Review by Nicole Christen


Looking to find products that really work for you and your kids? How about ways to help you go green or save money? Or maybe you just like giveaways. Then check out Nicole Christen’s blog, My Real Review. Nicole is on an adventure to find great products and share new ways to manage the chaos that can come with raising a family. Each month, Nicole chooses a theme to help give her blog direction. This month it’s Spring Cleaning and Organizational tips, next month is Outdoor Fun. By day, Nicole is a thirty-something stay-at-home mom of two young boys and by night, she’s a graduate student. (We’re wondering where she finds the time to blog!) Read more at

Cleavage by Kelly Diels


By the title of Kelly Diels blog, you might be thinking that we should issue a parental advisory alert. And maybe we should, but we still urge you to check out Cleavage. The categories of this mom’s blog posts are sex, money and meaning. But Kelly tells us that Cleavage is really about “the spaces in-between” and “writing the lines that shape us.” For example, when Kelly says “money” what she’s really thinking is something like: “How do I stay true to my peaceful ideals and parenting philosophy and not yell at the kids when they’re dawdling and I’m late for a meeting that might land me a super-profitable and satisfying gig that will allow me to have more control over my money and my time so I can stay true to my parenting philosopy and have more quality time with my kids?” Get the idea? Read more at

Finding My Weigh by Gillian Behnke


Gillian Behnke is a mom of two and career woman, currently off on maternity leave. Before this mom returns to work, she is on a quest to lose 50lbs by following Weight Watchers and maintaining a regular workout routine. Her blog Finding My Weigh is where Gillian writes about her life and confesses to the odd naughty diet slip. Gillian isn’t afraid to put her thoughts and experiences out there in her posts – which is what makes them so easy to relate to. Most her posts also include a nice touch of humour; for example, we love “The Terrible Truth About Naps” (they eventually stop!) Read more at

Wave The Stick by Alexis Hinde


Does the name Alexis Hinde sounds familiar? That’s because we recently profiled Alexis as an Entrepreneur to Watch and her company Chill Monkeys. Now we’d like to introduce you to Alexis’ blog Wave The Stick, where she blogs about her life as a mom and has a common theme of “things” – things she loves, things she’s learned, things that she’s doing, things that are true. She also links up to other blogs with fun posts like Wordless Wednesdays and Food Revolution Fridays. Lately, one of the “things” that Alexis has been doing and blogging about is her quest to get “Fit by Forty” and into better shape physically. In fact, Alexis’ first Fit by Forty post was her most visited since starting her blog! She says, “Clearly, reclaiming your physical self post-baby resonates for a lot of us.” Read more at

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