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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: smidgebox, Main Writer, Im Seeking Balance, New & Green Blog

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: smidgebox, Main Writer, Im Seeking Balance, New & Green Blog

Our search for Vancouver’s Ultimate Mom Blogger continues this week. We’ve shortlisted four more moms we’d like you to meet:

  • Lesley Stenning, smidgebox
  • Susan Main, Main Writer
  • Michelle Evans, Im Seeking Balance
  • Karen Randall, New & Green Blog

Cheer on your favourite bloggers in the comments below!

Smidgebox by Lesley Stenning


Lesley Stenning is a born and raised Vancouver girl who runs her small business, smidgebox designs out of a tiny corner in her kitchen. Lesley’s mom taught her sew as a child and Lesley renewed her interest in the craft when her first child was born 4 years ago. Handmade tote bags, play blocks, fabric buckets and cozy up blankets are just a few of the things that Lesley creates. On her smidgebox blog, Lesley shares the designs and pretty things that inspire her. And if Lesley has a knack for crafting exquisite designs, she also has one for finding them. Lesley’s blog exhibits the most amazing designs in stationary, clothing, accessories, art, furniture – you name it! Lesley is trained as an architectural draftsperson and says that she if had three more lives to live, she would be a fashion designer, an architect, and a stationery designer. Her ten-year-plan includes a dream to open a brick-and-mortar lifestyle shop with one of her best girlfriends. Keep us posted Lesley! Read more at

Main Writer by Susan Main


Susan Main’s blog, Main Writer offers ideas on things you may wish to do or know about here in Vancouver. This includes a fascinating range of topics including: the arts, health, skateboarding, social justice, home schooling and more. Susan has been writing professionally for 17 years and has gradually become a “safety writer” after composing dozens of stories for organizations like WorkSafeBC. Susan recently made a commitment to herself to update her blog every day – no matter how random the subject matter may be. Her rule to herself is to keep momentum and we think it’s a good one! Some of Susan’s posts are family-oriented and others are – as Susan puts it – “night out with the adults.” To put those posts into context, Susan tells us that she loves going to live music shows and has been doing so since the 80’s. Read more at

Im Seeking Balance by Michelle Evans


Michelle Evans blog, Im Seeking Balance is about – you guessed it! – trying to find balance in life. Michelle blogs on seeking balance between work and play, family and friends, dreams and responsibilities, her Christian faith and professional life. Michelle’s posts are so sincere that they left us wanting to open up to her as she has done with her readers. Michelle is a professional marketer so her posts range from parenting and pregnancy to helpful tips on business and marketing. Michelle writes that she is trying to find a way to be authentic but still be taken seriously – and perhaps is leaning more towards being authentic and less towards being taken seriously. Read more at

New & Green Blog by Karen Randall

When Karen Randall had her daughter, Ella, she found the process of learning how to use cloth diapers overwhelming. She found that even the simplest of questions like “how do I wash the diapers” returned a multitude of detergent, additive and procedure recommendations. The world of cloth diapers seemed complex enough to just give up. But she didn’t. And we are so glad! Karen now runs New & Green Baby Co., a family run online cloth diaper store that was born out of an idea and desire to make excellent quality cloth diapering products available to other parents. On New & Green’s blog, Karen writes helpful cloth diapering tips, news and how-to’s. Her posts cover all avenues of cloth diapering like how can you save big by using them to common reasons and fixes for leaks. Karen also includes reviews on New & Green Baby Co. products and why they might be right for you. Read more at

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