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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: See Theo Run, The Travelling Mom, Lotus Land Mom

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: See Theo Run, The Travelling Mom, Lotus Land Mom

We’re pleased to introduce you to three more nominees who have been shortlisted for Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs:

  • Harriet Fancott, See Theo Run
  • Claudia Laroye, The Travelling Mom
  • Miriam Fitterer, Lotus Land Mom

Be sure to cheer on your faves in the comments section below!

See Theo Run by Harriet Fancott


On her blog, Harriet Fancott writes about her adventures in open adoption and parenting Theo, who her and her husband adopted last summer. So what exactly is open adoption, you may ask? Harriet says that a wise birthmother once described it this way: “Open adoption is a lifelong process that acknowledges the birthfamily as fundamental to the child’s life story.” See Theo Run has been described as captivating, thought provoking, sweet, funny and capable of making you cry. Harriet’s posts discuss the differences between open and closed adoption as well as general advice for parents wanting to adopt a child. There are also photos where you can “See Theo” and observe him growing and learning. Read more at

The Travelling Mom by Claudia Laroye


Claudia Laroye is the travelling mom. Her passion is to share the wisdom of her experience to help moms and families undertake the planning of fun, sane and educational Great Family Adventures. Claudia says that there is a lot of information out there about travelling, but it isn’t usually written from a mom’s or family’s perspective. For example, what is it actually like to travel with a 5 month old on a 10-hour flight?  (Answer: It’s not as bad as you think. But when it is bad, it can be really bad.) The Travelling Mom chronicles her European adventures, talks about how to discover beautiful British Columbia and also teaches travel  “ABC’s” – like advice on what to pack, how to cross the border or even travel green. Read more at

Lotus Land Mom by Miriam Fitterer

Miriam Fitterer is a lower-mainland mom of two boys under four, who as she puts it – is faced daily with frequent hair-pulling and general hilarity! Lotus Land Mom is Miriam’s forum for capturing her boys antics and is where she blogs about kids, pregnancy and her life in the suburbs. Miriam writes about various topics ranging from learning to love her new mini-van to the tough age of three and even her thoughts on health care reform. We especially like her post “A Special Place in Heaven” – for Mother’s with boys! Read more at

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  • – great hi-lights and congrats to all the nominees.

    I’d like to give my extra special vote to Claudia – The Traveling Mom. She is incredibly passionate about what she shares with her readers and her information makes traveling with a family sound exciting and fun. I am so proud to know Claudia and see her share her expert knowledge and guidance with other aspiring family travelers! Congratulations Claudia!!

  • All three of these moms have amazing stories. I would like to write about each of them on my own blog…

    I am a fan of See Theo Run – having had the pleasure to meet the young man when he was only three weeks old. Harriet was my classmate in journalism school and now I am loving her blog and its compelling story.

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