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Every mom is looking for ways to entertain their kids during the summer, when the sun is shining, the days are long and your kids are complaining that they’re bored. Here are some great ways to fill up the days in East Vancouver with your little ones. You can do all these activities in one day,…

There’s nothing more Canadian than a plunge in a fresh, cool lake, and there are plenty in and around Vancouver. Five local lakes to explore with the kids Sasamat Lake / White Pine Beach The Lower Mainland’s warmest lake is a perfect summer swimming hole for the littles. Located near Port Moody, Sasamat Lake also has walking trails, a…

Instagram January Kids

Snow, ice and sunshine were the name of the game this month (until the rains hit), and parents and kids went out and snapped some spectacular shots! And we let’s not forget the phenomenal turnout of moms to the Women’s March reminding us all that we can take action and make change. Check out Vancouver Mom’s Instagram for all kinds of memorable #instamoments