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So maybe you’ve already got the toys wrapped and under the tree, or you’ve at least shopped until you dropped to get most of them sorted. If you still need one more really special gift for your kids or an adult that will provide fun into the new year, how about tickets to an event,…

Arts Umbrella’s ballet-based dance program encompasses all levels of student: from the 2 and 3 year olds learning about movement with their parents, through school-age classes with varying levels of commitment, all the way through to their Professional Program that prepares dancers for a career in this demanding art form.

It happens every year, doesn’t it? We make New Year’s resolutions, start out strong, and by the end of January we’ve either messed up or forgotten half of our good intentions. This year, after much thought, I’ve come up with some Downtown Vancouver-based resolutions worth keeping for 2012. Resolutions to Move It, Move It Getting…