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Half day art experiences

Half day art experiences


With all this talk about back to school, it feels like the littler kids should have something new too.

Two different classes – one session

Arts Umbrella’s half-day art immersion sessions are great for 3 to 5 year olds ready for a bit more. You pick the two classes and the order, as well as a supervised transition time, and your little person will get a whole morning or afternoon of activity once a week.

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Three great art classes for wiggly kids


Pick and mix

The Music & Drama program, combines the worlds of sound and movement in a playful and inspiring session. Young artists use imagination, start a love of melody, and explore music basics – all while growing listening skills and focus. In the Dance & Visual Arts program, young students explore expressive movement, musical awareness, drawing, painting, and multimedia. Coordination, self-confidence, and focus all grow as artist-instructors guide little ones through different artistic disciplines.

Snack time

The kids come together for snack time, and staff escort them off to their next session. This is a great way for your little people to explore independent time, while under the watchful eye of supervisors.

These half-day programs are available at both the Granville Island and South Surrey Arts Umbrella locations.

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arts umbrella logoThis post is sponsored by Arts Umbrella. We believe that art is for everyone. As a not-for-profit arts education centre, we think access to the highest quality arts education is a basic human right, regardless of your experience, education, socio-economic background or ballet slipper size. We are just for those ages 2 to 19 though, because, well, we love the way kids and youth love the arts.



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