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When Summer School isn’t a dirty word

Back when we were kids, summer school seemed more like a punishment than a learning opportunity, a stifling place where kids stared out the window dreaming of freedom and uninspired teachers droned on about fractions and run-on sentences.

But times have changed especially for youth and adults who really struggle to learn.

For kids with learning disabilities, who need a cognitive boost, summer is an ideal time to enroll in a special program that’s taps into their true learning potential outside the confines of the regular classroom.

One excellent option this summer is Eaton Arrowsmith’s 6-week Summer Cognitive Intensive Program, which goes much further than teaching subject-based or remedial educational exercises. It’s an intense and challenging program where students (and adults) work to strengthen their brains to make ALL learning easier. They will leave feeling more confident and inspired when they realize what their minds can do.

Eaton Arrowsmith

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Kids with learning difficulties may still be doing well in school or work, but at a great cost to their personal and family lives, think homework taking forever, anxiety about not being able to keep up with peers without great effort and discipline. The Eaton Arrowsmith summer program is a great first step for those who are tired of second-guessing their abilities and would like to remove learning barriers so they can get started on a path towards reaching their full potential.

The program helps students with logical, cause and effect reasoning and increase their speed of processing (understanding) information.

YES, children and adults with learning disabilities can learn to:

  • understand concepts
  • study and do well on tests
  • problem-solve
  • participate in group conversations
  • follow instructions in class and at work
  • complete projects faster
  • and understand jokes and sarcasm

This 6-week program will have kids ready to tackle the upcoming school year with confidence and also enjoy some important downtime during the final weeks of summer.

Eaton Arrowsmith’s Summer Cognitive Intensive Program runs from June 3rd to August 10th, 2018. Contact or call 604-264-8327 for information.

PS: This program is open to children ages 10 up to adults, because, it’s never too late for us adults to unlock our own learning potential!


This post is sponsored by one of our Community Builders, Eaton Arrowsmith

At Eaton Arrowsmith, we teach our students a series of exercises to help them strengthen their brains and address the cognitive weaknesses that cause their specific learning difficulties. We operate on the principle of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to be strengthened over time with targeted training. This sets us apart from other learning intervention programs.


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