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The following story is a first-person account from an Eaton Arrowsmith parent. It shows the impact the school can have on children with learning disabilities from the perspective of a family that has experienced the life-changing program firsthand. Noah and Callum are 8-year-old twin boys. Callum is on the Autism spectrum and has challenges with…

Back when we were kids, summer school seemed more like a punishment than a learning opportunity, a stifling place where kids stared out the window dreaming of freedom and uninspired teachers droned on about fractions and run-on sentences. But times have changed especially for youth and adults who really struggle to learn. For kids with…

paying attention in school

Attention disorders such as ADHD or simply an inability to focus and pay attention is school is a common complaint from students, teachers and parents. Some kids stare out the window, others are the class clown and some get deeply frustrated, angry and unhappy. As parents, it’s easy to think that if they just focussed or tried harder, things would fall into place. Turns out it isn’t that simple.