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30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Jolie Mack of Jolie Mack Custom Jewelery Designs

30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Jolie Mack of Jolie Mack Custom Jewelery Designs

Vancouver jewellery designer Jolie Mack is a mom of twins on a mission to be her own success, determined to be there for the kids but not forget herself while doing it. She’s addicted to Swarovski beads, chandelier earrings, photography and her fat grey cat. Brooke Mosher was one of several readers to nominate Jolie for our 30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers list: “Her designs are gorgeous, lots of sparkling Swarovski crystals in unique designs. She has awesome bridal packages as well.”


Why did you get into jewellery design?

I think that the first piece of jewellery I made was a rock wrapped with crappy wire. I was bored one day, needed a gift and so I put the rock pendant together. Looking back, I now know how terrible it was. But my friends liked the gift and the spark lit.

I worked as a full time bartender at a really busy bar and juggling that with full-time mothering of two became a challenge. I needed to work close to home, keep my own hours, support myself and the kids and enjoy myself. Without a post-secondary education, that’s a tall order! I had all of these practical skills learned through various jobs, which included plenty of marketing, advertising and retail. I wanted a business that could utilize all that I could do and to put my skills into practice.

Awhile after the infamous “rock,” I picked up better tools, better materials and educated myself about assembly. I started to pay attention to inspiring designers.  I put some pieces together and wore them to work each night. My early pieces received plenty of attention and so I listened to my friends and made the jewellery my focus. I planned to make it my exit out of bartending so I applied myself, took the risk and quit the very lucrative pub gig. Until you take this kind of step, having to rely on your own talent and resource with the pressure of immense success, a person never knows how much work it is: there have been tears, frustration and some screaming. Have I looked back at the easy job I left? Yes. But pride, accomplishment and self-fulfillment spur me on. When I receive praise for what I do I know I have made the right choice.  And my daughters’ think that Mommy is pretty special, having her own business and boxes of beautiful beads all over the basement – rewarding, yes?


Tell us a bit about your company.

For now, Jolie Mack Designs is a one mom show. Everything is done “in-house” in the small home studio, from the jewellery designs to the photography to the websites. The cat will help occasionally, usually by overseeing things from inside the photo tent.  The designs are original and creative; made in very small batches using only the best in materials.

Jolie Mack Designs is constantly evolving, growing in popularity and status as the months pass. This can only be achieved by the amazing support from associated businesses and good people, like Tracey Copeman at Narcissist Boutique and celebrity shopper and stylist Michelle Thistle from A few choice photographers have seen the jewels through their lenses. Fashion designers, such as Emily Miller from Polymath Fashion, have used Jolie Mack Designs to accessorize photo shoots and product launches. Fabulous inclusion at prestigious charity events and auctions has provided the business with exposure to A-list clients but has also given the opportunity to give back to worthy organizations. Jolie Mack Designs proudly supports local small business too, because we need each other to survive in this competitive economical climate.


How would you characterize your style?

I’m not sure if I have a distinct style, but Jolie Mack Designs does encourage women to wear their jewels every day with their everyday attire. I describe the look as Casual Glam, pairing sparkling chandeliers with your t-shirts and jeans.  This is what I do. I have little time or opportunity to get all dressed up, but when I head out the door to grocery shop, it takes no time at all to don a pair of stunning earrings. It’s a great confidence booster because I will often receive a compliment or two – something we ladies need daily!

Who are your clients?

Jolie Mack Designs speaks to a large demographic, mostly because the jewellery styles are so varied and extensive. The larger, more colourful designs like the Grand Marquis earrings have a more risk taking audience than the conservative style of the Layni earrings. No matter what personal style is adopted, femininity and glamour will always appeal to a lady; Jolie Mack Designs has been able to convince even the most hesitant of women to consider an elegant, sparkling design.

What do you think moms should know about your jewellery?

Moms should feel confident that Jolie Mack Designs understands what a monumental task of being a parent is. Every piece of jewellery is created with purpose and not a little desperation: that is to survive and look good doing it (I think that every mother can relate). Whether she’s a single mom or happily married with a network of support, understanding and acknowledgement are common needs – raising children is demanding and we often neglect ourselves on the journey.  I realized this while killing myself at the pub – in bed late, up early and unhappy. To make the jewellery is my fulfillment and to wear it is my daily boost. Jolie Mack Designs encourages every mom to take that one little step for herself each day and I’m offering my designs as a way to do it.

Where can people buy your jewellery?

Jolie Mack Designs is available in a select group of beautiful boutiques, all women owned and operated.

  • Citrine Boutique, #103 – 829 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria. 
Jolie Mack Designs is so excited to have crossed the Pacific pond and now be available exclusively at Citrine Boutique. Visit to shop the huge selection of handbags, gift cards, and jewelery by BC based artists.
  • Stone Art Gallery, 49 Queens Street, Port Moody. 
One of the most unique collections of artisan jewelery, pottery, photography and sculpture!
  • Narcissist Boutique, 3659 Main Street, Vancouver. 
Amazing dresses and sweet style you’ll find in the heart of the Main Street fashion block.
  • Taraxca Sterling Silver, 1834 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC.
  • Tsawwassen Quay Market – BC Ferries, 1 Ferry Causeway, Delta.
 Gorgeous jewelery and select local designers make these stores the ultimate in accessory shopping.
  • Eclektica, 1118 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC in the Empress Galleria building. A fantastic mix of local art, from pottery to canvas to unique jewels. The perfect gift getting stop.

Jolie Mack Designs has also just launched online shopping.

Anything else to add?

For the brides, I have created The Perfect Match: Bridesmaid Glam Made Simple, which features ready-made packages that are priced right and brilliant for coordinating with dresses. The designs feature genuine Swarovski, Sterling Silver and 14k gold fill and come in a plethora of colours for an easy match. The packages will suit any budget and can be customized to suit fussy brides and their fussy maids. Visit

Jolie Mack Custom Jewelery Designs | Twitter: @joliemackdotcom | Facebook

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