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30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Brooke Mosher of Brooklyn Designs

30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Brooke Mosher of Brooklyn Designs

Laura Millin nominated Surrey, BC-based designer Brooke Mosher of Brooklyn Designs for our 30 Essential Jewellery Designer list. “Her jewelry is modern, unique, and totally gorgeous!” says Laura. “Plus it’s versatile – perfect for dressing up or dressing down!” With a life-long passion for jewellery, Brooke is wife and mom who stays at home with her son and works in her home-studio to create her jewellery.

Why did you get into jewellery design?

I started designing jewellery when I was nine years old and always maintained it as a hobby. When I was 18, I started decorating wedding cakes but was frustrated with the icing, because I could never make it “perfect”! Then a few years later I had a girlfriend who took the jewellery design course at Vancouver Community College and I loved her designs and thought that I could help her sell them since she was very shy and I was not. While in Victoria for the summer, which was where I learned how to make jewellery, I had decided that I should actually start designing my own line of jewellery and thus was the creation of Brooklyn Designs.

Tell us a bit about your company.

Brooklyn Designs is handmade by me Brooke Mosher. With each design, I imagine where the women who are going to wear them and how they can wear them. I like to focus on simple elegant designs that have a timeless appeal. While each piece is modern it is also something that you can wear 10 or 20 years down the road. I don’t design according to trends, but to what I actually would wear myself. I also like to offer each piece in silver and gold whenever possible.


How would you characterize your style?

I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. And like I had stated in above, I like to design pieces for myself. My style is timeless, jeans, t-shirts that are accessorized with great jewellery, shoes and fabulous jackets. I am 31-years-old now and am a mother of a three-year-old boy so I have evolved my jewellery design style throughout the years as I too have evolved. I first started out designing only with mother of pearl and freshwater pearls and now if you look at my jewellery I have completely changed throughout the past six years.


Who are your clients?

My clients are women ages 30 years old and up. I find that my jewellery style has such a broad spectrum that I am able to cater to a larger audience than some other designers who make a more specific look. I also find that lots of younger women in their 20s or teens will purchase my jewelry for their mothers. As well many of my pieces are perfect for brides and bridal parties, which is a growing audience for my jewellery as well. I wear my jewellery. My mom and mother-in-law, as well as my grandmothers and grandmother-in-law all wear my jewellery.


What do you think moms should know about your jewellery?

Perhaps that since I too am a mom I design for them! I think about certain things when I am designing jewellery. For example, a new mom who is going out for the first time with her spouse since they have had their child and how special that evening might be. So why not design a pair of earrings that are both sparkly and glamorous but are perfect to wear everyday when she is grocery shopping or perhaps for when she goes back to work after her maternity leave. I think that my pieces are very versatile, which is what mothers want since we are more likely to buy things for our children before ourselves. So I like to design pieces that are able to be worn everyday – to work and for special occasions – because that’s what I want too.

Where can people buy your jewellery?

I sell my jewellery locally in gift stores, boutiques and spas. As well I sell online at my website. My jewelry is available across Canada and a couple stores in the USA.

Anything else to add?

I have sent jewelry to Dawn Chubai and Michele McDermont and they wear my jewelry on air!

Brooklyn Designs | Twitter: @_brklyndesigns_ | Facebook


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