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Podcast: Vancouver Mom and Local Icon Pamela Martin

Podcast: Vancouver Mom and Local Icon Pamela Martin

If you grew up in Vancouver, then you’ve probably spent a good portion of your life getting your news from Pamela Martin. The Vancouver mom is a local icon, who needs no introduction pretty much anywhere she goes in this city. We were thrilled to have the chance to speak with her, and we’ll be sharing that interview on this installment of the podcast.

Balancing Work and Family

Pamela is the mother of two grown children – and in fact, as we spoke, her daughter was imminently about to give birth to her own first child. (Pamela updated us to say that it’s a girl, and mom and baby are both doing well.) She raised her kids at a time when mothers didn’t receive the same kind of maternity leave and other benefits we enjoy today. We asked her how she made it work, appearing on our television sets every night while still remaining active in her children’s lives. She shared a great perspective as a Vancouver mom who has been there, and knows the juggling act. Podcast Pamela Martin Christine Pilkington
Pamela and Publisher Christine Pilkington

Transitioning Into Politics

When Pamela left CTV in 2010, she decided to volunteer on Christy Clark’s campaign as she sought the Liberal leadership. This is quite a departure for a long-time journalist, who is trained not to display any bias. Why did Pamela make that transition? What is she doing now? And what is it like for her? We had the chance to ask her. Regardless of your own political leanings, it’s interesting to hear how someone else makes the decision to become politically active, especially after a career that involved being completely politically inactive.

Podcast with Pamela Martin

Whether you’re looking for some tips on how to balance career and family, you want to hear about Pamela’s career, or you want to know what it is that Pamela most loves about Vancouver, you’ll want to listen to our podcast:


Thank you so much to Pamela Martin for taking the time to speak with us!

*Feature image credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr.

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