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Jill Earthy’s Favourite Things

Jill Earthy’s Favourite Things

Welcome to our first article in our new Favourite Things series! Every few weeks, we’ll introduce you to a local Vancouver mom, who’ll share with you some of her favourite essentials.

First up: Jill Earthy, the Executive Director of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and the co-founder of MomCafe. Jill lives in Vancouver with her husband and two young daughters.

Favourite Thing For Your Kids:

Two things: Bubbles – endless entertainment for kids of all ages! For an actual product, this one is really fun: EcoTronic – Eco Mic  (available at My kids love creating their own songs and routines and rockin’ it!

Favourite Thing For You:

A great glass of wine with friends and Lululemon big sweatshirt.

Favourite Thing For Work:

Blackberry. I know it is not as funky as an iPhone but it works for me.

Favourite Place in Vancouver:

Jericho beach at sunset with an ice cream cone.

Favourite Birthday Gift Idea:

An experience. Something special depending on the unique qualities of each person.

Favourite Kids Book:

Time for Bed by Mem Fox. This was the first book I read to both of my girls when they were wee babies.  I love the rhythm and now I love listening to my five-year-old reading it to her little sister.

Favourite Restaurant:

CRAVE on Main Street, a cozy intimate neighbourhood restaurant with yummy food, a nice wine selection and a great patio!

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