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Favourite Things: Julia and Kate of Conscious Divas

Favourite Things: Julia and Kate of Conscious Divas

favourite things Julia and Kate Conscious Divas

Kate Muker is passionate about all things health, wellness, personal growth and marketing. After eight years in marketing she decided to utilize her knowledge, combined with her passions. She joined forces with Julia King, who is a qualified Life Coach and Reiki Master. Having emigrated from England to Vancouver in 2006, Julia dived into the world of spirituality and personal inner growth, which took her on a journey of self-discovery and culminated in her achieving her Life Coach Certification and teaming up with Kate. Together, they created Conscious Divas. They recently took the time to share some of their favourite things with us.

What are your favourite things for kids?

Kate: Spending time near the ocean, whether it be playing in the water in a warm climate or walking near the water on the sea wall and observing the power of the waves and all the nature surrounding.

Julia: Bedtime ritual had always been such a wonderful time in our household. My kids are now much bigger (10 and 13) but we always leave lots of space to go upstairs bath/shower and then spend 30 minutes reading and then lying down together as they snuggle up. From babies we developed a routine that had us having lots of fun in the bath, and then settling down to read. I have so many wonderful memories over the years, and it truly is the best part of our day with the children. Bath always provides lots of fun, and books create so much wonder, enchantment and connection.

What are your favourite things for you?

Kate: The ocean is my favourite thing for me, too, since my first child is still growing in my belly.

Julia: I love to exercise. I’ve always been a bit of an exercise junkie, and love to mix it up. I played a lot of competitive sports in my youth and this turned into a love for running later in life. I recently did a half marathon, but had a knowing that I wanted to do something different once I had finished. Currently I do kickboxing, which I love. High energy and learning lots of new moves, that keeps me stimulated and energized all at the same time.

What are your favourite things for work?

Kate: I love that Conscious Divas gives me the opportunity to connect with amazing women doing amazing things in the world. The conversations that I get to have about people’s passions and inspirations for making the planet a better place in who they be and what they do is my favorite thing about work.

Julia: I love to connect with women, and through my work with Conscious Divas that has been one of the biggest perks of the job. When Kate and I formed Conscious Divas, our aim was to create a platform that would bring together amazing experts who had a message to share with the world and fabulous women whose main priority is their personal growth, and through this we have met so many amazing women who are very much in alignment with us. Having the opportunity to sit down with so many women who are doing fabulous things in the world has been a wonderful gift.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?

Kate: I was born and raised in Vancouver so I have a lot of memories growing up in East Vancouver that make it very special to me, but now that I live on the West Vancouver I love it here, too. I would say my favorite place is English Bay on a sunny evening.

Julia: Walking the seawall around Stanley Park. I emigrated to Vancouver from years ago from the UK, and walking around the seawall of Stanley Park was one of the first things we did, and still remains today one of my favourite things to do. For me it encapsulates all sides of Vancouver – the city, the beaches, the water, and the beautiful nature we are surrounded by.

What’s your favourite birthday gift idea?

Kate: If timing is not an issue I love to be able to put together a little basket of things that I feel are a great combination and of things the person loves. Time is not always on my side so if that’s the case it’s usually a cute pair of earrings or jewellery combined with some natural/organic pampering products.

Julia: I don’t have a specific one, I love to take the time to buy a gift that is unique and personal to that person. Crystals I find are deeply personal and connecting and I love to find ones that will provide some personal benefit or healing for a friend. Also I love to give books, either a recipe book filled with wonderful dishes or a book with a message that I feel will resonate with that person. My other personal favourite is beautiful natural body products that smell and feel utterly fabulous.

What’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant?

Kate: Vij’s is my all time favorite, the experience from beginning to end is always fantastic. Another casual favourite is Foundation, I am vegetarian and love all their creative options.

Julia: I had my 40th Birthday at Sanafir, and we had a blast. It is such a fun place and I absolutely love the food. Coming from England, I do have a penchant for Indian food, so another favourite would have to be Vij’s, and it is so worth the wait!

What’s your favourite kids’ book?

Kate: Incredible You!: 10 Ways to Be Happy Inside and Out by Wayne Dyer

Julia: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is our ultimate favourite book, and I can attest to reading it hundreds of times with my two children. They would always ask for it and we had so much fun interacting with the pages. As I mentioned previously the joy and fun we had with books with my two children, have been some of my greatest memories.

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