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Zombie Heads: Easiest Halloween Treat Ever

Zombie Heads: Easiest Halloween Treat Ever

zombie heads

We’re not all born to bake. Some of us are challenged in that department, and yet the pressure to be perfect looms when faced with annual events such as Halloween. How to make something original involving little of our precious time and limited cooking skills? Of course our kids’ classes need something tasty for their Halloween party. Instead of sweating over a hot oven, we can either buy (another) bag of Tootsie Rolls, or get… well… creative. Here’s our favourite way to get creative without breaking a sweat this Halloween: zombie heads.

Zombie Heads Halloween Treat

A bag of large marshmallows
The biggest bar of chocolate you can find
Red decorating icing
A sense of humour

Melt the chocolate in a pan.
Dip the marshmallows to make the ‘zombie hair’ and leave to harden.
Make zombie faces with decorating icing (two crosses for eyes and a zig-zag mouth will do the trick).
Splut ‘blood’ on one side of the heads with the icing – if it drips down the side of their faces, all the better. You’re already creating a monster.
Take all the credit for your creativity as your children and their classmates enjoy the zombie heads.

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We’ve shared our favourite easy Halloween treat – do you have a favourite of your own to share? We’d love to hear. And, of course, have a very happy Halloween! It’s the little things that make it fun. And so much the better if those little things are delicious and easy.

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