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Favourite Things: Alison Foreman of Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines

Favourite Things: Alison Foreman of Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines

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Alison Foreman comes from a fashion background with a lifelong passion for design. This Vancouver mom was blindsided when she fell completely and totally in love with someone who knocked this passion into second place. That someone was her tiny new son, Cole. As maternity leave slipped through her fingers, she searched for a way to combine the new love of her life with the old one until one night, during a 3am feeding, inspiration visited. Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines is the result of that inspiration. An image of the safest, snuggliest and most functional baby sleepwear started to form. Today she makes safe sleep sacs and swaddles with personality to rally against the sea of pastels and whites. Today she shares some of her favourite things with us.

What are your favourite things for your kids?

I think it is so wonderful to encourage our children to have a “favourite thing”. Just like we all have special things, a child should feel the comfort and re-assurance of having their very own special things around them. A stuffed toy cat called “Buddy” transformed our sleep, which in turn transformed our lives. His favourite stuffy was all my son needed to feel safe and that he could sleep through the night. I love that cat!

What’s your favourite thing for you?

Time…to spend quality time with the loves of my life, my son, my husband, my beautiful step-daughter, my dog and my family. Time to be creative and inspired, and time for myself (which is a very tough thing to do).

What are your favourite things for work?

My MacBook Pro, my iPad and my iPhone. As a designer i have always been a Mac lover, they have perfect form and function. They are beautifully minimal, functional and life-changing.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?

Spanish Banks at low tide, a walk along the water with my dog and my family is my favourite thing to do. Everything about Vancouver makes me happy, it is such a beautiful place.

What are your favourite things to give as birthday gifts?

Well everyone I know with kids is getting a sleep sac or swaddle until the end of time. I love to give home made gifts, lately I have spent endless time transferring old photos to wood blocks for everyone I love.

What’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant?

I wish I could say that we eat out more, but since having my son we spend most nights around our kitchen table just the four of us, which I love. My favourite kid-friendly restaurants are Enigma (locally-owned by an adorable South African family) and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., where the waiters are great with little ones running back and forth from the kids’ play area. For date night I love CinCin.

What’s your favourite kids’ book?

My all time favourite is Guess How Much I Love You, but it has become even more special since one of my son’s new favourite things to say to me (and anyone else for that matter), “Mommy, I love you this much,” with his arms outstretched and a huge grin on his face.

Thank you so much, Ali, for sharing your favourite things with us!

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