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Place des Arts: Trying Pottery in Vancouver

Place des Arts: Trying Pottery in Vancouver

Are you on the hunt for a chance to try some pottery in Vancouver? Do your kids have a desire to make something with clay? Or are you looking for a workshop that will let your inner painter, musician or fibre artist fly free? If any of this sounds like your thing, you may want to pay a visit to Place des Arts in Coquitlam.

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Trying Pottery in Vancouver

Recently our Content Manager Amber had the chance to visit Place des Arts with her kids to try some pottery in Vancouver (ish). They met with Vin Arora, who teaches pottery classes to adults, and David Robinson, who helps kids get creative with clay. While the kids made their own creations, Amber fulfilled a childhood dream and tried making her own pot on the pottery wheel. The results were less-than-perfect as you would expect for a first attempt, but a whole lot of fun was had by all. We even have the video evidence to prove it:


Our Pottery Tips

If you decide to try some pottery in Vancouver for yourself, here are a few tips we picked up:

pottery in vancouver place des arts

  • Don’t wear your nice clothes. This probably goes without saying, but clay is messy business.
  • Be patient. Whether you’re the student, or you’re taking a family class with your kids, it takes time to get it right.
  • Leave your fancy rings a home. They will only get clay in them, and they’ll interfere with the work you’re doing on the pottery wheel.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment. Your first pot won’t be perfect – no one’s is. But you made a pot! That’s a big deal.

Take a Class

Place des Arts offers pottery classes for adults and children, as well as some fabulous parent-and-child sessions. They have facilities on-site to fire and glaze your creations, and a whole lot of experience with teaching pottery in Vancouver to students of all ages and levels. They also offer open studio times to students, to give you even more one-on-one time with clay.

pottery in vancouver place des arts

Registration is now open at Place des Arts for 2012/2013 programs. To view the program guide, register, or get more information on trying pottery in Vancouver or checking out some other classes and workshops, visit their website.

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