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Leading Moms: Taking Inspiration from the Hon. Shirley Bond

Leading Moms: Taking Inspiration from the Hon. Shirley Bond

*Leading Moms photography provided by Images by Bethany.

Earlier this fall we shared some highlights from our 2013 Leading Moms event, which was all about play. We heard from so many amazing speakers, and left feeling energized and inspired. We thought that in the middle of the holiday frenzy it would be a good time share a little bit of that inspiration with you. To start with, we’re sharing this opening talk from The Hon. Shirley Bond. She’s currently serving as Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister responsible for Labour. However, she has also served as BC’s first female Attorney General.

Leading Moms Wear Pink

leading moms shirley bondRegardless of where you fall on the political spectrum – and the truth is that those of us on the team run the gambit – there really is something inspiring about those who choose to enter public service. Shirley Bond’s story is not about someone who aspired to political leadership. Rather, it’s about someone who decided to be active in her children’s school, and who slowly grew from there, being asked to take on more and more responsibility. Any mom who has ever sat in a PAC meeting, volunteered on a field trip, or baked brownies for the school bake sale can relate to the story Shirley Bond shared with us at Leading Moms. Now we know why the Attorney General wore pink – and we thank her for paving the way for all women.

If you could use a little dose of inspiration this holiday season, we hope you’ll take the time to watch the video. It’s eight minutes you’ll spend doing something entirely for yourself – and we can promise that it will be eight minutes very well spent.

Happy watching!

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