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How to Find Your Fit With Kids

How to Find Your Fit With Kids

find your fit workbcEmbarking on a new chapter by making a career change after kids can be challenging. There’s no doubt about it. It is possible, however, to find your fit as a mom, and to start a new career that is rewarding and satisfying. You may just need to do a little more juggling than you did before you became a mom. Over the past few weeks we’ve filled you in on, where you can find lots of tools to help you find your fit in BC’s growing economy. Deciding what you’d like your next chapter to look like isn’t the end of the story, though. Making changes, seeking advanced training and starting a new job all require a little bit of thinking. Here’s how to help make it work.

How to Find Your Fit With Kids

1. Make Time

Whether you’re brushing up your resume, beginning a school or apprenticeship program, conducting a job search or even just shopping for some new work clothes, you’re going to need time. This is a precious commodity when you have kids, as any parent can tell you. You might need to be creative with your scheduling, let go of some of your existing hobbies and commitments, or find childcare. Many moms choose to wait until their little ones are in preschool or kindergarten to start their own next chapter because of the time constraints of parenting babies and toddlers. No matter how you do it, remember that your needs are important, and you deserve the time to find your fit.

2. Build a Support Network

No one is an island – not even a mom. As you do the hard work to find your fit, you may need help. Call on your family, enlist your partner, sign up for a grocery delivery or cleaning service, set up a childcare swap with your friends, make friends with other parents in your classes … in short, do anything you can to build a support network. Many moms feel bad asking for help, but we encourage you to let that go. The other people in your life will need support at some point in the future. If you need a little extra help right now, you can rest assured that you’ll have ample opportunity to pay it forward down the line.

3. Level With Your Kids

It’s best to be as honest as possible with your kids about what you’re doing and why, using language they understand. While your children may initially complain about how much busier you are as you find your fit, when you level with them and explain why you’re a little distracted and how this will benefit them, they can be surprisingly understanding. Children almost magically come on board when they understand that you’re taking steps to make some more money so your family can take that long-hoped-for vacation to Disneyland. Elementary school age kids may even get a kick out of the idea that mom has homework, too.

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4. Keep Your Goal in Mind

It’s not easy to find your fit and change your career path when you’re not 19 anymore and you have parenting commitments. This is why it’s so important to keep your goal in mind. Just as you’ve explained what you’re doing and why to your kids, you may need to explain and re-explain it to yourself. Are you working towards a more fulfilling career, a better-paying job, more financial independence, the ability to afford more travel? Whatever it is that’s motivating you to take these big steps will continue to motivate you when the going gets a little tough.

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  • That last one – keep your goal in mind – is the most important, I think. Whether you’re a busy mom or someone trying to make the leap to entrepreneurship, having a vision of the result you want always makes it more possible to get there. Good tips!

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