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Four easy ways to get fit as a grown-up on a trampoline

Four easy ways to get fit as a grown-up on a trampoline

Four easy ways to get fit on a trampoline

The kids love the backyard trampoline, and they’re getting lots of exercise. How do you take advantage of it too? Here are five ways to make getting some fitness in really easy.

Doing some squats

Oh yes, this one is even more effective when you’re on a unstable surface like the trampoline. Do a little jump, and land in squat position with your thighs parallel to the trampoline surface and your arms straight out in front. Your abs have to work hard to keep you balanced.

Crack the egg

Blogger Christine Nielsen shared this great one. Sit with your knees up and your arms around your knees – let your kids try and bounce you over, ‘cracking’ the egg. The laughing alone is exercise.

Dance dance dance

Put on the music, and have an impromptu dance party. Bouncing for ten minutes a day is some good cardio, so with three or four songs you’ve got that nailed easily. Blogger Bianca Bujan commented that it’s a great way to get your Fitbit steps for the day.

Four easy ways to get fit on a trampoline

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Just bounce

It sounds ridiculous, but just bouncing up and down is a lot of work. Your leg muscles like your quads and calves are working hard to keep you going. Remember to keep a slight bend in your knees.

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