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Favourite Things: Laura Grady of Movies for Mommies

Favourite Things: Laura Grady of Movies for Mommies

Laura Grady of Movies for Mommies Shares her Favourite Things with us

Laura Grady is the owner of Movies for Mommies Vancouver, Burnaby and soon-to-be-launched Pitt Meadows. Movies for Mommies is celebrating 10 years of providing a baby-friendly movie experience for new moms and dads and Laura is thrilled to have been a part of the action for the last two years. Laura lives in Burnaby with her husband and four-year-old son. Today she shares some of her favourite things with us.

What’s your favourite thing for your kids?

Swimming. My husband and I both love the water and I think we spawned our own little fish. Indoor, outdoor, warm or cold, we’re in the pool at least twice a week. It’s such a great way to burn energy and just let loose and have fun.

What’s your favourite thing for work?

I have the fancy phone, I have the fancy computer, but I’m still lost without my little pocket-sized day timer. I feel better when I write important things down.

What’s your favourite thing for you?

I work from home and I’m a full-time stay-at-home-mom, so there are some days when I just need to get out of the house by myself. I love taking trips to the bookstore and flipping through magazines.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?

New Brighton Park. Not your typical “must see” destination, but it’s a place full of great memories with family and friends.

What’s are your favourite things to give as birthday gifts?

Anything locally made. I come from a family of artists and crafters and shopping local is my way of supporting them and encouraging others to do the same. You can find me at any and every craft market in the city.

What’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant?

I’ll convince anyone to come out to Saffron in Burnaby – they have the best Indian food around.

What’s your favourite kids’ book?

It’s not always the story that gets me, it’s the illustrations: Caps for Sale, by Esphyr Slobodkina, has a great story and beautiful images.

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