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Choosing a Bathing Suit

Choosing a Bathing Suit

Having kids changes everything, as every mom knows. For many of us, that includes our bodies. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are miracles, but they leave their mark on our physique. The result is that choosing a bathing suit is a challenge for many moms. If you’re on the hunt for a new swimsuit to rock this summer in Vancouver, we have five tips to help you in the hunt.

choosing a bathing suit

Five Tips for Choosing a Bathing Suit

1. Shapewear as Swimwear

Many bathing suits now come with built-in shapewear to help suck in the belly. If you love your mummy tummy but don’t want to display it on the beach, look for this feature, which is available in suits at all price points.

2. Draw the Eyes Upward

Many moms feel a little self-conscious about their bellies and thighs. If you can relate, one tactic you can employ is to draw the eyes upwards by choosing a bathing suit with a V-neck or detailing around the upper torso and neckline. Lower-cut swimsuits are also more versatile if you need to breastfeed on the beach.

3. Swim Skirts are Cool Again

Many of us associate the swim skirt with our grandmothers, but they’re hot again, and available in all kinds of cute colours and prints. You’ll be covered, and you’ll fit right in on the beach or at the pool.

4. Ruching Helps

Ruching on swimsuits is also hot right now, and it can help to cover up a less-than-flat stomach if you’re feeling self-conscious. A little bit more give can help you feel more comfortable while you play in the water with your kids.

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5. Make Sure it Fits

You will look and feel your best if you’re wearing a swimsuit that actually fits your body as it is right now. That means not trying to squeeze into a pre-pregnancy suit that no longer works, wearing a baggy maternity suit, or settling for the first thing you find that isn’t quite right. Shop around and find the perfect fit before you lay down any cash.

Whatever bathing suit you choose, remember that your body is pretty amazing. It might not look the same as it did before kids, but that’s because it’s performed some awe-inspiring feats. You really do deserve to find a bathing suit that flatters it just as it is.

Photo credits – Ted Van Pelt on Flickr and [email protected] Jordan Smith on Flickr

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