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You Say: Vancouver Moms Talk Day Camp

You Say: Vancouver Moms Talk Day Camp

In late April we launched a new You Say feature, asking you about summer camps. We wanted to know how you choose a kid-friendly Vancouver day camp for your kids. You weighed in on Facebook, sharing why you sign your kids up, and what makes a day camp great in your books. Today, we’re sharing your responses.

You Say: Moms Weigh in on Day Camp Choices

Michelle Poulsen shared how she chooses a day camp, saying, “I think the hands down most important thing is the quality of instructors and choosing an activity your child has an interest in. We love Pedalheads- the staff is wonderful with our son and he loves to bike ride. He can’t wait to turn eight next year so he can do the mountain biking camps. We also found Macsailing to have great youth instructors and an exciting program for kids that really kept up their enthusiasm. There are so many camps available now if you can afford them (they aren’t cheap!) that you can really let your child’s interest drive your selection so they will be excited to go and find some reviews or critiques of the instructors online to give you a sense whether the program is run well and the supervisors are engaged and kind.” She even came back to expand on her answer. “I should also add that a good program is one I will travel for – I drive 20 minutes to get to the Point Grey Pedalheads location because it is awesome, and I go even further for the sailing camp!”

Helen CarpeDiem-Stepchuk is having hard time with kid-friendly Vancouver day camp selection. “Not much choice here! Thanks City of Vancouver for your new bylaw limiting day camps to two hours (age group 3-6)…. ‘Awesome news’…. Just found it out. So super ‘happy’ about that. Why on earth would they do it?”

Laine Mac skips day camp altogether. “[My son] goes to his dad’s in Winnipeg for the summer.”

For Lisa Cowan Pineo price is a factor, as she says she puts her kids in day camp, “If we can afford it. I like them trying out new things with kids their own age and being taught by people who actually know what they’re doing.”

More than your Average Mom is still looking forward to signing her kids up one day. “My kids are too young, but I will be for sure once they’re old enough!”

Our Managing Editor Amber Krause Strocel weighed in, too. “I especially love it when my kids get the chance to try something they don’t do the rest of the year.”

Think Out Here Page responded, saying, “I can’t speak for myself, but my students all attend summer day camps. The parents want them to stay active and engaged through the summer. They also want to give them the opportunity to try new things and socialize.”

See Also also likes the new experiences. “Great chance to try something new and meet new friends. Plus, it is nice to mix the fun, care-free days of summer with a little bit of structure!”

Last but not least, Katrenna Marenych chooses a day camp this way: “Subject first – what might educate and interest my child, and location for sure ….length of time and of course cost!!”

What about you – how do you choose a day camp? Leave a reply and share your thoughts!

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