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Top 10 Back-to-School Tips

Top 10 Back-to-School Tips

It’s less than a week now until tens of thousands of Vancouver kids head back-to-school. The nerves may be higher for younger children, particularly if they’re starting elementary school. Parents may be experiencing jitters, too. On top of that, you may be wondering how you’re going to get everyone back into routine for school, after months of lazy summer days.

Back-to-School Tips from Elementary School Principals

A number of VSB elementary school principals have compiled their top 10 back-to-school tips to help you get your children’s year off to the best start possible:

1. Make sure your kids are getting back into the bedtime routine – no more late summer nights.

2. Go back-to-school shopping as a family, especially for food. You want lunches to be nutritious and palatable, so that your kids will actually eat what you packed for them.

3. If your kids haven’t cracked a book all summer, read aloud together to get back in the habit. Which reminds us …

4. Set a good example. If your kids see you reading, they’re more likely to read, as well.

5. Set some learning goals so that your child has something to aim for.

6. Play some fun games together to reintroduce skills like counting, colours, signs, phonics and so on. This shouldn’t be stressful!

7. Sit down with your little one to brainstorm some summer stories, so that your child knows what to say when they’re asked, “What did you do over summer vacation?”

8. Speak about back-to-school enthusiastically. Your kids will pick up on your emotions, so the more pumped you are, the more pumped they will be.

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9. Keep an open mind and stay positive about the coming year, and your child’s teacher. Once again, your kids will pick up on your attitude.

10. Teach (and demonstrate) that safety is more important than convenience. Back-to-school time can be really hectic. Don’t be tempted to disobey traffic rules just because it’s easier and faster.

Do you have kids starting or returning to elementary school? How are you preparing for back-to-school?

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