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4M Easy-To-Do Window Mosaic: Perfect for Young Kids

4M Easy-To-Do Window Mosaic: Perfect for Young Kids

A few weeks ago, my four-year-old daughter and I sat down to work on a craft kit. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not huge on doing crafts – I don’t really sew or scrapbook and I stare at the pages of craft-with-kids books with more intention than action. So anything that helps make the craft activity process easier is a plus in my mind.

We bought the mermaid version of the Easy-to-Do Butterfly Window Mosaic, available at The Granville Island Toy Co. and other retailers. The activity took about 30 minutes tops. We hung it in the window and both my girls proudly admire it whenever they see it.

So when we stopped in the other day for a birthday gift, we picked up the butterfly version and decided that this would be an activity to include my two-year-old on.

The kit comes with everything you need, including all the mosaic pieces, a transparent board to arrange the pieces, a design template, and a suction cup to hang it up with. No glue required and I love that it’s super forgiving for kids who want to rearrange the pieces after they’ve placed them on the board – perfect for toddlers who enjoy the act of sticking the pieces more than the actual accomplishment of making a picture.

A few pointers:

Just let young kids put the pieces anywhere they like. If you want, you can arrange them into the “correct” spot when they get distracted. This saves you from the stress of being an uber perfectionist while still creating the picture. My toddler really loved seeing her picture hung up in our window.

Use a bit of tape to secure the board to the image template, which easily slips around.

The activity is more appropriate for four- or five-year-olds, so if you have two kids, then it would be fun to do it together.

The box recommends this kit for three-year-olds and up likely for choking hazard reasons since it comes with small parts. It’s possible to do this activity with younger kids – you just need to supervise.

4M also produces more complex and elaborate kits for much older children.

Some retailers sell this kit in bulk so you can use them for birthday parties.

4M Easy-To-Do Window Mosaic- $6.99

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