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Kid-Friendly Vancouver: Year-Round Outdoor Family Fun

Kid-Friendly Vancouver: Year-Round Outdoor Family Fun

kid-friendly vancouver grouse mountain y2play skiing snowboardingOne of the best parts of living in this city is the availability of kid-friendly Vancouver fun all year long. As winter turns to spring we’re both looking forward to beach weather, and enjoying what’s left of the ski season. But no matter the season, there are lots of ways to get outside and enjoy yourself with your family. Thanks to the mountains all around us, sometimes we can even enjoy two seasons in one day. All you need is some good clothing and the desire to explore the great outdoors. Here are our favourite ways to enjoy nature year-round.

Kid-Friendly Vancouver Outdoor Fun in Any Season


The great outdoors are never far away in Vancouver, and hiking is a great way to get out and explore with your family. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, enjoying a local nature trail or exploring Stanley Park, or enjoying a hike on snowshoes on a local mountain, there are lots of kid-friendly Vancouver options for getting up close and personal with nature. Remember to check the weather before you head out, dress in layers and pack along lots of snacks.

The Beach

We often think of the beach as a summer destination, and it is especially lovely to enjoy some family time by the water when the weather is hot. However, you can really enjoy the beach in any weather. There’s lots of kid-friendly Vancouver fun in watching the seasons change by the water, and seeing how the landscape shifts through spring, summer, fall and winter. Visiting the ocean after a winter storm can be especially fascinating, as debris litters the sand.

Skiing and Snowboarding

We think of skiing and snowboarding as winter sports, but in a city where we’re surrounded by mountains the snow sticks around at those higher elevations long after spring starts to arrive at sea level. On rainy Vancouver days the local mountains are often above the clouds, so hitting the slopes is a great way to get active outdoors with your family, and beat the gloom. If you think it’s too late to hit the slopes this sspring, think again. Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play snowpasses pay for themselves in just five visits, and they’re good for 1.5 seasons, so you still come out ahead even if you can’t make it up the mountain as often as you’d like this season.

Exploring Your Own Neighbourhood

Nature is never far away in Vancouver, so get outdoors and play in your own backyard. Take a family bike ride, visit the local playground, explore a community garden, or even just play in your back yard. Watch how your neighbourhood changes with the season. Or plan a kid-friendly Vancouver scavenger hunt, to help your little ones notice the natural features right here in the city.

What about you – how do you get outdoors and play with your family year-round?

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kid-friendly vancouver y2play grouse mountain skiing snowboarding

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