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Five Favourites: Kid-Friendly Burnaby Mountain

Five Favourites: Kid-Friendly Burnaby Mountain

If you went to SFU, you’re likely very familiar with Burnaby Mountain. However, you might not be in the loop on all the kid-friendly things to do there. For one thing, how many of us really took note of kid-friendly fun before we had kids? Not many. For another, the community on Burnaby Mountain has grown by leaps and bounds. If you’re looking for a way to spend the afternoon, here are our five favourite answers for what to do on Burnaby Mountain.

Five Kid-Friendly Things to do on Burnaby Mountain

1. Yeti Yogurtburnaby mountain yeti yogurt

Located at 8982 University High Street in the UniverCity development, this eatery brings the froyo craze to Burnaby Mountain. I’ve been taking some classes at SFU, and it’s my go-to spot when I take my kids up the hill. The shop is open and spacious, and offers a variety of flavours, including some sugar and dairy-free options. All allergens are clearly marked on the dispensers, so you can enjoy in peace. They also have a great selection of toppings, including fruit, candy, cookies, cereal and syrups. It’s all sold by weight, so keep an eye on your kids and make sure they aren’t too heavy-handed with the treats and toppings. If the weather is good you can eat outdoors, and if it isn’t there are plenty of tables inside, plus bathrooms and a fun yeti statue that my children love.

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2. The Academic Quadrangleburnaby mountain

Once you’re fed, it’s time to set off and explore. If you head on to the SFU campus and the weather is good you’ll want to stop by the Academic Quadrangle to play. There are sculptures, a big grassy pyramid, open areas, a pond full of fish and more. Older kids will recognize the Terry Fox statue – it’s there because he attended SFU. Younger kids will enjoy running around and exploring, and grown-ups will enjoy the beauty. On a sunny day, it really is gorgeous. Just keep your eyes on your little ones near the pond. It isn’t deep, but you don’t want anyone falling in regardless of depth.

3. SFU Bookstore

The SFU Bookstore might not strike you as a particularly kid-friendly destination. It’s certainly true that you’ll need to keep active toddlers well in hand, because there are lots of breakable items within reach. However, the store carries a selection of children’s books, toys, art supplies and journals that older kids will love. My daughter often asked me to take her to the SFU Bookstore to spend her allowance when she was eight years old. Moms will also find lots of fun items – my personal favourite is the Shakespearean insult bandages.

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4. Burnaby Mountain Park

Hop in the car and take a quick drive over to Burnaby Mountain Park to keep the kid-friendly fun rolling. You’ll find wide open grassy areas, a newish playground, stunning views, unique Japanese totems, hills to roll down and gardens to stroll through. If you’re looking for a more serious meal, you can also stop by Horizons restaurant, which is located inside the park and has some of the best views in Metro Vancouver.

5. Hiking Trails

There are hiking trails all over Burnaby Mountain, which you can enjoy with kids. According to the City of Burnaby, the mountain boasts “a network of 26 multi-use trails covering 28 kilometres criss-crosses the 576 hectares within the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.” SFU Recreation has an online trail map to help you navigate and plan your route. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced trails, as well as cycling and equestrian trails, for you to check out.

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