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Should You Buy Two Strollers?

Should You Buy Two Strollers?

If you’ve downloaded’s Stroller Guide for First Time Parents, you’ll know that I’ve purchased four strollers. I bought them all for very different reasons and to fulfill different needs: my first was a luxury high-end stroller, my second was an umbrella stroller, my third was a double stroller, my fourth was a bike trailer.

I didn’t set out to buy four strollers. When I bought my first stroller, I thought that one stroller could handle all of my needs and that it would be best just to hand out the money to buy the best one I could afford. But I didn’t plan well and didn’t think two strollers was really an option at the time.

But it’s worth considering. Here are some common reasons why you might buy two or more strollers:

You purchase one standard, everyday stroller, along with an umbrella stroller. You might have one stroller that works great when you walk around the neighbourhood but is simply a pain to pack. These days, many strollers breakdown into two pieces and families needs a smaller version for packing into the back of the car or travelling.

You buy one stroller for your first child, only to realize you need a double for your second one. I thought my first stroller could work with two kids since I could add a wheel-board, but I didn’t factor that my first child would get tired and frequently wanted to just sit after a big walk. We ended up getting a second stroller so that both kids could sit down. If you think your first stroller will only be around until another child arrives, consider buying an inexpensive stroller that you don’t mind replacing with a double later or higher quality stroller that will hold its value at resale. Or research your options thoroughly and buy a stroller that can expand with a seat or if your first child is old enough when your child arrives, with a board attachment.

Similarly, after pushing it around for a while, you realize that you just simply don’t like your first stroller or it doesn’t work for your body. Confession: someone gave me an inexpensive five-year-old travel stroller that my husband and I used for a day before realizing that the ride was too bumpy, the handle vibrated when you rolled it on a sidewalk, and the construction just seemed unsafe. I accepted this stroller hoping that I wouldn’t have to purchase one, but I knew that I simply would never find this stroller enjoyable to push. You might find that you don’t account for a feature that you really need in your stroller – like a telescoping handle that allows your six-foot-tall husband to push it without straining his back, an ample under seat basket for storing all your stuff, or is just too big to store in your tiny apartment. Whatever the reason, you might find that you want to sell this first stroller and purchase another. To avoid this problem, do your research ahead of time or download’s Stroller Buying Guide.

You have one everyday stroller and another specialty stroller. It’s possible these days to get a jogging stroller that’s also a decent everyday stroller. But if you’re a serious runner who plans to run a marathon, then you might want the jogger with the lightest weight. Similarly, if you commute by bike and need to pick up your child along the way, you might want to purchase a bike trailer. Although bike trailers can double as strollers and even triple as a jogger, they are often too big for everyday use.

If you really are planning on using your stroller primarily for one thing, in one kind of circumstance, or don’t mind your stroller performing well in one situation but not at all well in another, then you might be able to purchase only one stroller. But unless you’re super clear with what you’ll need your stroller for, I’m not convinced that one stroller can fulfill all of a family’s needs.

Better than assume that one stroller will do it all, analyze if you’re better off with two strollers. If that’s the case, you might be able to get away with two lower priced models. Or alternatively, research stroller options that can truly expand with your needs.

Still Need More Info?

Download’s Stroller Guide for First Time Parents, which give you some great tips and info on what to consider when making your next stroller purchase.

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