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I’Coo Pluto Stroller Review: Lusso Baby’s Top Umbrella Stroller Pick

I’Coo Pluto Stroller Review: Lusso Baby’s Top Umbrella Stroller Pick

We had a chance to chat with Lusso Baby about their favourite umbrella baby stroller. They recommended the I’Coo Pluto stroller – part of the Rockstar Baby family. arranged a test drive so we could check out the I’Coo Pluto stroller for ourselves.

What Lusso Baby says:

“Lightweight. Sturdy. Well-constructed. Great value.”

What thinks:

Although the I’Coo Pluto stroller might not be as well known as its Maclaren competitor, this stroller does provide some extra value and interesting features. The I’Coo Pluto stroller comes with a car seat adapter that fits the Graco and Peg Perego infant seats and any other major infant seat manufacturer, making this umbrella stroller truly versatile and able to work for a newborn. Babies also get a comfy ride with a little extra padding in the seat, as well as suspension in four of the wheels. The stroller’s one button buckle release makes it a breeze to unlatch your child. Like all umbrella strollers, the I’Coo Pluto collapses to a petite size and its light weight makes it easy to lift and store into even the smallest car’s trunk.

The stroller also has a little extra bling in its design, with shiny large handles and finishing, along with a terrific selection of six colours (we like it in Plum). You also have the option of purchasing a seat pad in a contrasting colour for greater personalization (check out the look of brown stroller with a pink seat pad – sweet!). You can also flip the pads over for a soft fleecy side that offers even more comfort for baby.

I particularly liked the foot brake bar, which allows you to engage both rear wheel brakes at the same time (many other strollers require you to set both brakes). On the flip side, I found the handles to be a bit large and awkward for my hands.

Who should buy this stroller:

Anyone who wants a good all-round umbrella stroller and wants something a little more unique in its design.  This stroller is sure to make you and baby look great when you’re checking out the boutiques in your neighbourhood.



Where to buy this stroller:

Buy the I’Coo Pluto stroller at You can also purchase the I’Coo Pluto stroller in-person at Lusso Baby located at 1037 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.

Can’t decide what stroller works for you?

We’ve written a snazzy guide to help you in your stroller shopping adventures. Download’s Stroller Guide for New Parents.

Do you have this stroller?

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