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BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller Review: Recommended by Lusso Baby

BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller Review: Recommended by Lusso Baby

Lusso Baby has a phenomenal selection of strollers – both online and in their North Vancouver store. We asked them to name their favourite jogging stroller. Their pick? The BOB Revolution jogging stroller. had a chance to have a look for ourselves and check out the features of this stroller.

What Lusso Baby says:

“A great solid light weight stroller that’s perfect for jogging and everyday.”

What thinks:

Before having kids, I seemed to be much more active. I would make it to the gym and seemed to have time for yoga. Now with two kids and one on the way, I don’t seem to be able to fit it in (yes, I know – excuses, excuses) but the thought of a jogging stroller does seem like the thing I’d need to get me going.

The BOB Revolution jogging stroller is a terrific choice for people who need an everyday stroller but also want to do more than occasional jogging. BOB is a leader in jogging strollers, with higher-end, more specialized strollers like BOB Ironman – and so I trust that their more populist options like the BOB Revolution jogging stroller would also deliver.

Everything about the BOB Revolution jogging stroller seems highly durable and sturdy. I feel like this stroller can take the Canadian elements, including our Lower Mainland rain, and would be terrific for long walks in any kind of weather or terrain. While the design of the stroller is aesthetically pleasing, the look doesn’t seem so precious that you wouldn’t want to get it dirty. The stroller feels like it’s on the larger side, but don’t be fooled: This jogger easily navigates the tightest corners and would steer well on both the jogging path and in the shoe aisle.

Because it’s a jogging stroller and has shocks, the child’s riding experience seems like it would be very smooth. This jogger also has the requisite wrist strap in case the runner loses her grip, as well as a chest seat strap for extra security. The back of the seat has a mesh pocket for things like keys and a wallet so that you don’t have to carry them while you’re on the go.

But my favourite feature is the brake. The brake engages by flipping a bar with your foot and easily releases. It might seem like a small thing, but the top of your feet will appreciate it on those days you’re outside wearing flip flops and need to release the brake.

Who should buy this stroller:

Anyone who wants a good all-round stroller that can also accommodate regular jogging. Even if you’re not planning on doing a lot of jogging, the BOB Revolution would also be good for anyone who plans to use their stroller a lot outdoors.



Where to buy this stroller:

Buy the BOB Revolution jogging stroller online at You can also purchase the BOB Revolution jogging stroller in-person at Lusso Baby located at 1037 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.

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Do you have this stroller?

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  • We bought our Bob Revoluation stroller when our daughter was born in 2008 and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    It is so light and durable, when our daughter was just a baby we travelled over to Vancouver Island to visit our family and we loaded the stroller with her in her car seat and our bags for clothes etc and it was very easy to go from car to ferry to car.

    As long as you have the rainshield/weather shield and we also purchased the warm fuzzy and our daughter still to this day falls asleep when in her stroller. The shocks make it so she has an easy ride.

    A lot of people come up to us asking about the stroller because they see I can easily break it down/open it up in like 5 seconds with one hand. I even sold a couple for our local Bob stroller retailer because we were in the store and I was so passionate about the stroller they couldn’t see buying anything else! lol

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