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Kula Klips: Cute and Practical

Kula Klips: Cute and Practical

In 2006, Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith got a haircut and tried to side sweep her bangs. “They just wouldn’t sweep!” Since she didn’t like the look of unadorned metal bobby pins, the former sales rep for a high-end watch company started looking for ribbons and other things to cover the clips with.  “At the time, there wasn’t any Canadian companies on the market doing this,” Ashley recalls, “So I thought there was a void in the market that I could fill!” And her company Kula Klips was born.

Last month, Ashley sent me a few clips with the silicon grip, a few adjustable headbands and what she calls “Pony O’s” –  hair elastics with a ribbon attached to them. I had left them unassumingly on the dining room table and my two daughters were immediately drawn to them, asking who they were for. My four-year-old deftly inserted a clip into her her hair with no assistance from me. The clip managed to stay-put in her slippery hair pretty much the whole day.

You’ll find similar hair products for kids on the market. But according to Ashley, Kula Klips is the first hair clip company on the market to brand the hair clips with its name so you’ll know you have a Kula Klip. The company also has introduced several exclusive ribbons, featuring hand-drawn images by a Calgary mom. “Our exclusive Monkeys, Cupcakes, Alligators, Skulls etc. have become a huge hit!”

But Kula Klips hasn’t stopped at hair products.

When her son was born, she couldn’t find any boy soother clips so she branched into that area as well. After some research, she opted to design the Soother Klip with a loop style on the end and using skinny ribbons so that they’d work with more styles of pacifiers. Ashley adds, “Our hip designs are great for any outfit since there is so much variety.”

Ashley also designed Buckled Belts because her son was so slim that his pants were always big in the waist. Like the exclusive designs of Kula Klips’ hair products, the designs are all hand-drawn and transfered to the belts.

Ashley created Mitten Klips when she heard that many schools won’t allow children to have mitts with strings attached. “All the moms telling me there kids were coming home with only one mitten at the end of the school day.” Shortly after introducing them, the company sold thousands in a few months. “We already have stores ordering for next winter!”

In July, Kula Klips will be launching two more products: a Kula Clips Case (“Moms on the go will never lose a hair clip again!”) and new reversible Buckled Belts.

“Being a mom myself and an avid shopper, if I can’t find something that I think is useful then I’m gonna make it!” says Ashley, who loves that most of the company’s products are made by stay-at-home moms.

Kula Klips products are available at:

They are also available online at

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