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Have a Tween Girl? Check out Triple Flip

Have a Tween Girl? Check out Triple Flip

If you have a tween girl, you know how hard it can be to find great clothes for pre-teens. Tweens are in an in-between stage when it comes to fashion, and it’s not always easy to find fun, comfortable, age-appropriate clothes for them. Enter Triple Flip, which creates activewear specifically for the tween girl. This is especially critical when you consider all that tweens are going through, with changing bodies and issues at school. You want your daughter to have clothes that she can feel good in.

Clothing for Your Tween Girl

Triple Flip was started by a Calgary mom who simply couldn’t find good clothing for her tween daughter. The company that she and her business partner was created to support a fun and active lifestyle. They use active tweens as sizing models, to improve fit. To help your own tween girl get the most wear possible out of her clothes they offer versatile accessory pieces like stretch bands. Plus, they design their Flipwear in Calgary and manufacture their clothing in Canada, so you can feel good about buying it.

Triple Flip uses real girls – called “Flip Girls” – as their models. At least once a year in each city where they have a store they hold a photo shoot. Girls of all ages and sizes are invited to enter their names, and they draw the Flip Girls randomly. They’re profiled on their website, and they talk about things like what sports they enjoy, what they’d like to be when they grow up and who they would invite to dinner if they could.

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Visiting Triple Flip

I recently visited the new Triple Flip store in Coquitlam Centre with my own daughter. She’s seven years old, so not quite a tween, but the first words out of her mouth when we walked into the store were, “Their clothes look like they’re for me!” Their pieces were all colourful and coordinated, and I could see how they would all fit well together. They also sell hair accessories, bags, watches, notebooks and a whole lot of other fun stuff.

tween girl clothing triple flipI gave my daughter the choice of any single item in the store, and she opted for a notebook with a furry blue cover. It’s her new journal, and she writes down the events of her life. I’ve also caught her brushing it, to make it look better. Triple Flip packed up her purchase in a cool shoulder bag with a zipper, which we’ve been using as our go-to bag when we head to the playground. They’re definitely covering all the details when it comes to appealing to your tween girl.

In addition to Coquitlam Centre, Triple Flip has stores at Park Royal in West Vancouver and The Shops at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey. You can also shop online on their website, if getting to a store is not in the cards for you.

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