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Birthday Party at Your Door: The Metro Vancouver Tumblebus

Birthday Party at Your Door: The Metro Vancouver Tumblebus

What if a jungle gym could appear in your front yard to provide an hour of fun-filled entertainment, exercise and awesomeness for your children? That is exactly the service the Metro Vancouver Tumblebus provides! The Tumblebus is a 40 foot school bus that has been gutted and reequipped with everything from a ball pit to a zip line. Vancouver moms, if you are searching for entertainment for two to ten year olds at a birthday party, day care, school festival or block party, the Tumblebus is where it’s at. Or should I say, where you’re at?

I Want to Stay Here Forever

My kids and their friends had the opportunity to experience the Tumblebus first hand. When a child tells you, “I want to stay here forever,” and parents are texting you after the event to say their kid can not stop talking about it, you know you have found a good thing. The Tumblebus pulled right up to the house and the kids were greeted by the energetic staff, and visionary behind the Metro Vancouver Tumblebus, Trish. As the kids were rolling, jumping, diving, climbing and swinging Trish gave me the low down of their program. The Tumblebus has 100 (yes, that many!) different lessons to cater to the specific event. If your child wants a spiderman themed birthday party, the Tumblebus is ready. If you have a group of toddlers that just need to get some wiggles out (here, here!), the Tumblebus runs a less formal program, although still with the guidance of two staff members showing the kids how to use all the equipment and including fun group circle times.

Providing Birthday Party Fun While Building Confidence

The Vancouver Tumblebus’ mission is not only to provide an hour of entertainment. Their goal is to creatively introduce physical education to pre-school and elementary children in a non-competitive, safe and fun environment. The kids stay fit, develop skills and build self-esteem while learning at their own pace. These goals may sound difficult to achieve at a birthday party on a school bus but I witnessed my own children growing in physical ability and confidence on the Tumblebus. When the zipline was introduced the staff held the kids through their first run letting them drop into the ball pit. Before long the four year olds of the group were swinging along like chimps, no adult help required. Their ability to hold their own strength was a new found skill for many of them.

Are you tired of frantically trying to find birthday party entertainment for young children? Checkout the Metro Vancouver Tumblebus. They wheel up right to your front door.

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