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Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

summer learning loss little house sponsoredWith April here, the kids are now in the home stretch of the school year. Their little heads are bursting with knowledge, and they’re looking forward to summer vacation. While you make plans for summer camps and activities for you children, though, you might want to think about how to help them avoid summer learning loss. This is what happens when kids spend two months away from school, and forget some of what they learned, and it’s backed by research. Summer learning loss can make it harder for kids to get back in the swing of things come September. The good news, though, is that with a little bit of planning you can help your kids avoid it.

How to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

1. Look for Educational Summer Activities

When you’re looking for summer camps and activities for your kids, choose options that will keep your kids engaged and learning. At first blush you may resist this option, thinking that it will be just like going to school during summer vacation. There are lots of really fun summer camps with an educational focus, though. Your kids can explore science, history, literature and so on with hands-on activities that will keep them smiling and learning, and help fend off summer learning loss.

2. Head to the Library

Public libraries run a lot of summer programs to encourage kids to read and learn while school is out. From fun workshops to summer reading clubs to family events, there’s lots on offer at the library. Even better, many of these activities are free and fun. Plus, a visit to the library is a great way to spend a rainy summer day. Many teachers report that they can tell the difference when kids get involved in these activities over the summer, so make sure to sign your little ones up.

3. Consider Tutoring

If your child has been struggling with some of their schoolwork this year, summer can be a great time to help them catch up. Tutoring offers a new perspective and more individual attention as compared to school. It can also help fend off summer learning loss, by keeping your kids engaged and learning in ways that work for them. Just like educational summer camps you might think this will be just like going to school over summer break, but many tutoring companies offer a fun and innovative approach that your kids will enjoy, and that will help them approach next year with more confidence.

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What about you – how do you avoid summer learning loss with your little ones?

summer learning loss tutoring little house sponsoredThis article was sponsored by Little House Tutoring. Little House Tutoring began with a passion for helping children succeed in school. We are located on the West Side of Vancouver in the Kerrisdale area. We have over 15 years of experience working with children of all learning styles.As one of Vancouver’s leading tutoring centres, we have helped hundreds of children reach their full potential. We specialize in teaching the Orton Gillingham method which has proven to be highly successful with children who have learning differences such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism Spectrum Disorder and even children who need help in subject support or ESL. In the last three years we have also been offering a variety of Kindergarten Preparation programs which have been a huge success, as well as other educational programs such as Multisensory Keyboarding and SSAT prep. Students of Little House leave feeling empowered and excited about learning!

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