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Power in the Palm of Your Hand with Blue Sky TV from Shaw

Power in the Palm of Your Hand with Blue Sky TV from Shaw

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As technology continues to evolve; more and more elements of our daily lives include voice control commands. Siri and Cortana on our phones. Alexa and Google in our homes. Bluetooth synced systems in our vehicles.

And now you can add BlueSky TV from Shaw to that list.

A few months ago my family was introduced to BlueSky TV and consensus so far – from both adults and kids alike – is that it’s awesome. And the voice controlled remote is a big reason why. More specifically the voice control feature on the remote that makes the system so easy to use is the reason why.

I love the fact that the BlueSky likes to give me options on what to watch based on simple voice command requests like “What Should I Watch” or “Comedy Movies on Now”. By using these phrases – as opposed to choosing specific channels – I find a lot more great options to watch that I would otherwise have missed. And that reduces the amount of idle channel surfing I might do.

There have been several times where I’ve thought about a random TV show or movie and wondered if it was available to me to watch. And with BlueSky TV’s content integration and the voice controlled remote it was easy to just say the name and find out in just a few seconds. And I have yet for it to not understand what I’m saying.

My kids love that they just have to say “Disney Channel” or “Food Network” and it will take them directly to their favourite channel. I love that I can hear what they are asking and therefore know what they are watching at any given time. In fact, they love the voice command feature so much I think they’ve forgotten the remote has other buttons.

Speed is another plus with this system. Its powered by Shaw’s new Internet 150 platform and as such it responds super fast to all requests.

The remote does have more buttons than just the voice activation one. Other well used buttons in my house are the Shaw button – which takes us to the main menu of our own recordings as well as the On Demand options.

The Last button has gotten a big upgrade on the BlueSky TV. It doesn’t just go back to once but now shows the history of the last several channels visited as well as the recorded and On Demand shows watched.

My husband – the real techie in the family – was impressed with how easy it was to program the BlueSky remote to control the volume on our own audio receiver so we can control everything from the one remote.

The lights on the remote are controlled by an internal widget so a slight motion is enough to get it to light up for ease of use. I thought this might be a battery killer since my kids can’t seem to watch TV without holding the remote in their hand and making it light up every 2 seconds. But we’re 2 months into active use and the batteries are still going strong.

What it all boils down to is that the remote doesn’t just make watching TV easier but it makes it a little more fun too. And who doesn’t like that?

Shaw has just announced that BlueSky TV is now available across Canada. Introductory rates will allow you to give BlueSky a try for as little as $30/month. Check the website for more details.


This post is sponsored by Shaw BlueSky TV.   Say it, see it and love it with Shaw’s revolutionary BlueSky TV. A voice-activated remote makes it easier than ever to navigate and discover content. By simply saying a program title, an actor’s name, or even a famous quote from a movie, you can immediately enjoy what you want to watch. Shaw BlueSky TV’s features a specialized KidsZone that’s filled with age-appropriate content, making it the all-in-one TV experience for kids, while providing parents with peace of mind thanks to the easy-to-use parental controls, and program descriptions written for parents by parents.

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