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How BlueSky TV changed how my family watches TV

How BlueSky TV changed how my family watches TV

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We’ve had BlueSky TV from Shaw in our house for just over 4 months now and in that time it’s been interesting to see how much it has impacted our TV habits. For example…

Indecision no more…

There have been many times where I have found myself faced with so many viewing options – live TV, Netflix, CraveTV, Video on Demand – that it felt totally overwhelming to choose one. Before BlueSky I would have jumped around for 2 hours before giving up. Now I just say “What Should I Watch?” and it gives me a whole bunch of options tailored to my viewing history. There is always something great in that list that I can actually commit to.

Reuniting with Old Movies

Another favourite feature is using the voice control remote to ask about certain genres of movies like “Romantic Comedies” or “Family Friendly Movies”. There have been so many good ones that I had forgotten about that I can watch again – hello Sliding Doors. And though this we have introduced the kids to some of our old favourites like Jumanji and Pollyanna (which I watched at my 8th birthday party just so you know…)

New Binge Worthy Addictions

With summer comes the end of many of our favourite shows as they go on hiatus, leaving us with nothing to watch. That is no longer an issue in our house. With CraveTV integrated into BlueSky we now have access to some great shows that we might never have discovered like Bosch and True Detective. So good.

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Kids Shows that Don’t Annoy Me

Another truth that comes with summer is that my kids will be home every day now. And while I don’t plan on letting them plant themselves in front of the TV for the entire day…I know there will be some screen time involved. In the Kids Zone they found a bunch of new shows that I don’t mind having to hear in the background. And since they use the voice controlled remote every time I know EXACTLY what they are watching. Even if they turn the volume down low.


This post is sponsored by Shaw BlueSky TV.  Say it, see it and love it with Shaw’s revolutionary BlueSky TV. A voice-activated remote makes it easier than ever to navigate and discover content. By simply saying a program title, an actor’s name, or even a famous quote from a movie, you can immediately enjoy what you want to watch. Shaw BlueSky TV’s features a specialized KidsZone that’s filled with age-appropriate content, making it the all-in-one TV experience for kids, while providing parents with peace of mind thanks to the easy-to-use parental controls, and program descriptions written for parents by parents.

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