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What to do in Vancouver: Affordable Family Fun in Burnaby

What to do in Vancouver: Affordable Family Fun in Burnaby

Article by Eschelle Westwood, one of our Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers, sharing the scoop on what to do in Vancouver this summer.

As a young mom to two boys, as a daycare provider, and a low income parent living in Burnaby, I try to make it my mission to find awesome, affordable and fun things to do in my backyard. I search out not only things that I can do with my family, but great things for me to do with my daycare kids and our friends! Over the four years that I have been a parent in this area I have to say that I am an expert on cheap and fun, so I wanted to take the time to share with you some of the amazing places to visit in Burnaby on a really tight budget. I am talking under $30.00 for a family of four or FREE. Wondering what to do in Vancouver this summer if you’re on a budget? Read on!

What to do in Vancouver on a Budget: Burnaby Edition

what to do in vancouver burnaby village museum1. Burnaby Village Museum is my favorite go to spot for the kids, and this summer they have FREE gate admission. You get to see what it was like here in Burnaby way back in the day, ride on a carousel for only $2.30 a pop, and actually walk away having learned something. There are lots of places to stop and have a quick nibble, including a great little ice cream parlor that is so cute!

2. Deer Lake Park is always filled with amazing things to do. On a regular day you can enjoy a nature walk – look out for frogs and turtles or watch the fish jump. You can enjoy a little fishing and even rent a pedal boat for an hour, for a family of four, for only $28.00! It is such an amazing way to spend a sunny day and they have some great FREE events happening all year round. For example, check out Symphony in the Park July 15th, 2012, which is free and a great date night option. Bring a nice blanket and bottle of wine… sounds divine to me!

3. Confederation Park Train is a great way to spend some time with your kids at only $2.50/ride or $25.00/12 rides. The railway is open from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. Rides last up to 10-15 minutes and they are the cutest little engines. Infants under 36 months can ride free. If you’re wondering what to do in Vancouver to celebrate your child’s birthday, this is a great location. If you get the chance try and ride on their little black steam engine, that one by far is my favourite.

4. Kensington Outdoor Pool or Eileen Dailly are two of my favorite places to take the kids for a dip. Kensington pool has a loonie swim time every day, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm, and a FREE swim time on Sundays, from noon to 1:45 pm! Plus it is an outdoor pool, which is great rain or shine. Eileen Dailly also has great loonie swim option, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm Mondays, plus a water slide, which I have been going down since I was about six years old. The smell of that place brings back amazing memories from my childhood.

5. Kensington Community Fair is always a great hit in my area. It’s FREE and they have a bunch of awesome things to do including BBQ and live entertainment! Check it out August 11th, 2012 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Kensington Park right across the street from the Kensington Shopping Plaza. It’s a great little places to sit and chill, plus you can take the time to check out the pool right beside it.

what to do in vancouver barnet marine park6. Barnet Marine Park is an amazing place to go in Burnaby. It’s a great beach with amazing views of the Burrard Inlet, plus you can’t forget the rich pioneering history that is held there. It started as a small mill town in the 1900 with a population of only 150. I am always looking for great places to go that are FREE, fun and educational, and this fits the bill for what to do in Vancouver.

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7. SMILE Program is a support service for young parents from the ages of 13-24 years that has a great monthly calendar of activities. They offer FREE prenatal classes, bus tickets and workshops, plus snacks are provided. There are also workout meets at Bonsor, arts and crafts, donations and a ton of other great things. They’re located near Gilmore Skytrain station at #103-3993 Henning Drive in Burnaby. You can enjoy their fun play room for your kids, as well as all their awesome activities and resources to help you, as a young parent, get the most out of your summer for you and your kids. I was so thankful to have them when I was first pregnant with my boys!

It is amazing what you can actually find here in Burnaby for you and your family. All you have to do is get out there and look for it. If you’re wondering what to do in Vancouver this summer these are some great options, whether you live in Burnaby or not.

Eschelle Westwood is the writer of and is a dedicated young mother to two wonderful boys. She loves them dearly and as cruel fate would have it they are exactly like herself and her hubby; clearly giving her a run for her money on a daily basis. On top of all of this chaos she runs an in home childcare, which is certainly enough to keep her constantly: cleaning, bending, wiping bums, cleaning more, setting up things, taking down things, trying to wrangle them for activities and all that great stuff.

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